Avoid Dry Skin with Ysabel's Daughter

It's been quite cold this December 2016. It's not seven degrees here in the PH like I'd want to.., but hey, it's still chilly especially in the early mornings and at night. My skin's already reacted to the cold weather and I am now experiencing super dry skin for the first time in my life. Lol.
Before, I would need to blot my face every three to four hours just to get rid of the oil and the shine. And now, I don't even need to touch up nor powder the whole day. Most of the time, my skin looks super dry and inside the office, it's like I've been mattified and mummified.

What I've been using to avoid dry skin are these two products from Ysabel's Daughter. Remember the product launch that I attended like two months ago? Click here if you want to read it. So basically, Ysabel's Daughter offers 100% natural and synthetics-free bath and body products and I've been able to try out these two products.

Ysabel's Daughter Ginger Face & Body Mist
Ginger has been widely used as a spice for culinary purposes, but its history is rooted with its medicinal associations such as its relief for burnt skin, as well as being a cleansing agent. Combined with the beneficial effects of honey, this face and body mist aims to provide a refreshing sensation during each use.

Double thumbs up for the "refreshing sensation during each use." Lately, I've been mummified by our office a/c and this Ysabel's Daughter Ginger Face and Body Mist has definitely been helping me out. Usually, when I already have my face on a.k.a my concealer-cc-cushion-powder on, I really avoid applying moisturizer just because I don't want to move my foundation or concealer. I find this mist really helpful for bringing back moisture to my skin. It helps me look less dry/matte and more fresh looking. Honey and ginger in the formula are also beneficial for my skin in the long run.

Love the packaging. It looks simple, but well made. It comes in a glass bottle with a wonderful spray. The formula really turns into a mist! It's also quite heavy, so I advise you to just store this on your office desk rather than carrying it around. You can use this any time you want... before or after makeup application, before and after gym... you can even use this as a perfume. Sometimes I apply it on my hair just because the ginger honey combo smells good.

Ysabel's Daughter Green Apple Bar Soap
Green apple is also known as Granny Smith cultivar. It is thought to be a mixture between two different species and it bears numerous benefits for the skin which includes antioxidants and fibers. These help your skin remain elastic and youthful.

I've used this soap for a month and I'm happy to say it's still a whole bar. Yes, that's kind of a big deal for me. You see, usually when I use organic or natural soaps, I'd be left with a soft suddy unusable soap after a few weeks. This one however is still solid as a rock. This one lathers smoothly on skin, bubbles up quickly, and it really smells like green apples. It's been more than a month and it still has the green apple scent whenever I use it. It's also very good in moisturizing and it's made out of natural ingredients. Sad to say the green apple scent doesn't really linger on my skin, but I'm fine with it because it's not drying and it doesn't feel sticky.

If you want to know more about Ysabel's Daughter and their products, you can click here. Plus, they're also available on BeautyMNL for purchase.

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