The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Review

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion changed my mindset about the whole cushion trend.

I never believed the hype about cushions -- being how practical they are to use and bring anywhere. I thought they would just be like regular BB creams having only one or two shades and that they'd be super dewy and horrible for oily skin. I heard about this product from my friend Mara @maralloyola and Jerlene @musicalhouses. They had good things to say about it, so I decided to finally purchase one. 

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion
A long-lasting moist cover foundation.
Cushion foundation recharges skin with moisture while controlling sebum for long lasting freshness.
Moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation.
Sebum control formula helps keep makeup shine-free.
Sweat proof effect keeps makeup in perfect condition for hours.
New Microfoam keeps makeup feel as fresh as when it is first applied. 

*Microfoam cushion with cells that are 4 times denser than conventional cushion compacts helps protect the formula and active ingredients fresh. It also helps makeup go on evenly for more meticulous application and coverage.

Press the puff applicator to the cushion and lightly pat on the face. Apply over areas of concern for more coverage.


First of all, I actually like the brand The Face Shop. I've used their Power Perfection BB cream before I started blogging and I am amazed at the coverage and oil control it was able to provide. Plus, the skin care claims of being able to whiten skin and blemishes are seriously spot on. I did notice that after months of using that BB cream, my skin and blemishes definitely became lighter. The only con I could think about that experience was that because of the whitening claims, the BB cream didn't match my skin anymore and my face looked lighter than the rest of my body. Lol.

Okay, going back... That's why I didn't really want to use a cushion. Korean BB creams usually had two or three shades and I thought it was the same for cushions. But nope, I was wrong! The Face Shop offers a wider range... I believe I saw five shades for the oil control water cushion and I got the shade V301. Currently, I have NC40 skin and I actually could've chosen a lighter shade than V301... but since I was fond of using green concealers which makes foundation look lighter, I got a darker shade, so that it will match perfectly. And yes, I made the right choice. 

As for the packaging, it's very, very sturdy and it's beautiful to hold and look at. It looks high-end and sophisticated. Oh, and this has a very big mirror. If you're ever thinking about applying your makeup on the go, the big mirror really helps! It also comes with a soft blue sponge which is great because it absorbs product very well, applies it flawlessly on your face and it doesn't waste too much foundation. You can really blend it all using just this sponge with a pat-pat motion. Sometimes though, I find it too time consuming compared to brushes. Lol.

When it comes to the cushion itself, I like the formula. It makes my skin look natural and healthy. It's not super dewy but it doesn't dry powdery matte either. It gives me more of a semi-matte look and I love it. 

For coverage, it's quite impressive since this can give you medium coverage and I don't really need to put concealer everywhere. When it comes to controlling oil, I'm going to have to say it exceeded my expectations on that one too. I just blot my face with blotting paper at hour 4 and I don't really need to touch up with a powder until it's hour 6. Oh, I use my Banila Co primer (click here for the review) and my Prime Primer Finish Powder (click here for the review) whenever I use this product too, so I guess those products help in keeping oil at bay.

You know what, this oil control water cushion really exceeded my expectations. I was expecting limited shades, but nope, they've got shades that would match real Pinay skin (yellow-based skin tones). I was expecting tinted-moisturizer-type of coverage, but one layer already gave me medium coverage plus it looks super natural on skin. It feels light even if you're wearing it the whole day already and it's good when it comes to controlling oil. I would look dewy throughout the day, but I'd just powder off and the foundation looks great again. This is a really light long-lasting foundation to use especially in the country. Plus points because this product is very practical and travel friendly.

Cons? The sponge is tricky to clean and you can't buy a separate sponge in the stores since they don't carry it. A free sponge comes with the refill though.

I never thought I'd use a cushion foundation ever... but I'm glad that I did and that I bought The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion as the first one. Oh, note also that it's more affordable than other cushions in the market. I got mine from their branch at Festival Mall, Alabang but you can get yours at their retail shops for PHP 895. Sometimes they go on sale and offer this buy 1, get a refill cushion at the same price.

November 2016 update:
I still love this BB cushion and I just bought a new refill. I'm still in the shade V301.

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