Lazada Christmas Shopping Experience

Christmas is definitely around the corner which means Hello traffic! Hello long cashier lines! And hello no-parking-space available! You're not even inside the mall, and yet you're already tired! Haha.

Okay, so lately I've been doing a lot of online shopping right? And so, I decided to try out shopping with Lazada since a lot of my office mates recommended it. They're buying everything from beauty supplies to gadgets to cooking ware and appliances. Crazy office mates huh?

Anyway, I'll share with you my whole Lazada shopping experience plus the items that I bought!

First up, I bought a phone case! Obviously, I'm boring and very #titasofmanila already at my age. Haha.

I own an Asus Zenfone Selfie and let me tell you how difficult it is to find a cellphone case for this baby. I bought a leather case before, but I hated how the leather looked old in less than a year. I would see a few silicon cases here and there, but I know those silicon cases won't be able to protect my phone when I drop it (*knocks on wood).

I just typed in "Zenfone selfie hard case" on the search bar et voila, I found this amazing black phone case. It looks totally chic and badass with the silver hardware detailing. I even tried scratching the silver detailing to see if it would come off, but what happened was my fingernails were the one that got scratched! Haha.

I'm very much in love with my phone case right now. Not only does it make my phone look very badass, but it also makes me feel secure that my phone is ready for the drop!

Another purchase of mine would be this T-shirt from Penshoppe. Yes, did you know that Penshoppe, Bench, SM Woman, Parisian, Milanos, CLN, and the likes are available at Lazada? I was pleasantly surprised because I already knew what size I am in those brands. I also knew that I'm a UK size 4, sometimes 6, so I I didn't really have a difficult time finding my size.

I chose this shirt as my second item because I remembered that I gave my nephew a t-shirt with these similar colors last year for Christmas. I wanted to be matchy-matchy with him, so do expect a selfie with him this December. Oh, I think it's called twinning though.

And for my grand purchase.... ta-da!! I bought a rose gold Cherie Paris watch!

Rose gold is one of my favorite colors, and let me tell you that the struggle is real when it comes to finding one that's affordable, and a watch that would actually fit me. I swear, I have the thinnest wrist ever! I really have a difficult time finding a watch that suits me perfectly because the watch-face available in department stores always seems too big. I was kinda weary buying a watch online, so I messaged Cherie Paris and asked them for suggestions. They replied immediately, so I was able to browse through Lazada's site and order one online.

When this baby got delivered, I had to like pause for 10 seconds just to admire how pretty this watch is -- oh, and that the watch-face is perfect for people with thin wrists! I just got this adjusted yesterday and I'm excited to wear it to work tomorrow :) BTW, if you want OOTD ideas for work, school, or if you just want to see what people are wearing, can read and check out Clozette for that.

And lastly, of course, a shopping haul wouldn't be complete without beauty products :)

OH, have I mentioned that these items are currently on sale at Lazada?

I also saw these TRESemme babies featured at Clozette, so I'm going to give them a go. I've tried out the black/red version of these and I'd rank them 5/5 and a two thumbs up! I have high expectations for these two. Lol.

Maybelline Burgundy Blush Lipstick

What started last year as a hot trend in lipsticks for both runway and magazines became a staple must-have for every woman around the world. Slip into the creamiest mattes and make colorful holidays happen with Creamy Mattes from Color Sensational by Maybelline New York. These global best-selling matte lippies will be on sale at 50% in the Lazada Online Revolution. Make sure to collect ‘em all starting 11/11! 

I've already got three, and I'm on the hunt for Nude Nuance :)

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

Hypercurl is on sale at 30% Off or only P139 (from P199) in Lazada Online Revolution. Make sure to grab one starting 11/11! 

I've been using these on my bottom lashes for years now and I've already used up like three bottles of this mascara. Love the performance of this, and love the new pink packaging. Yes, this used to come in silver if memory serves correct.

Maybelline Micellar Water

I already have a review of this product, and you can read it here.

You can get the Micellar Water from Maybelline New York at 30% or only P139 (from P199) in the Lazada Online Revolution.

My Lazada shopping experience was so much better than I imagined.

If you've been following me and this blog, you might have known that I've recently had a very horrible experience with online shopping. No updates, no tracking number, no everything. I really had no clue if I was going to receive my parcel or not.

I'm happy to say I did not have that same experience with Lazada. They updated me every step of the way. I really, really loved it! They e-mailed me when my payment was verified. They e-mailed me when my orders were being processed. They also e-mailed me the moment it was going to be shipped out. Plus they also texted me that they would be delivering for the day. I just loved their process. I'm very, very satisfied.

When I was browsing their site though, I felt kind of dizzy. There's just so much to look at! I felt a little overwhelmed by how much stuff they had to offer. So, I switched to the app, and let me tell you, Lazada app version is love! I highly suggest you browse using the app. Maybe it's just me, but I find it so much easier to filter and search through the app. I guess I'm just more used to mobile views. Lol.

I saw an IKEA item -- wait, do they ship here in the country? Yes, but within one month. So pass... Ohh, I saw a cute denim jacket -- ships from another country -- grrr, I don't want to wait for one month. Pass!

I filtered my searches with price, location -- oh, and did you know that you can filter it with the fastest items that can be shipped first? My phone case actually came only three days after ordering, while my other two items got delivered in a week. You can also see the ETA for the items even before you order them, which is pretty amazing.

Okay, so items in cart, clicked check out, and I was given various methods of payment from Paypal to bank deposits to money transfers, and cash on delivery! I tried cash on delivery because -- I don't know, I wanted to see if I could do COD here in Laguna. Most websites don't offer COD especially for provinces, but happy to say Lazada does!! :)

No wonder my office mates buy a lot from here... it's like they have everything you need. My office mate said he recently ordered his Christmas gifts from Lazada -- being a waffle maker for his wife, cute bath robes for his mom, and I think headphones for his son.

Overall, I had a very good experience shopping with Lazada. Various methods of payment -- cash on delivery for the provinces! I know when the ETA is + they update constantly on my orders + I didn't have any problem with finding my size when it came to clothes either. They have a whole bunch of items, like almost everything!

Now I know why my office mate bought his Christmas presents here. It's just very hassle free! No long lines, no constantly having to look for parking, no walking, no heavy lifting of shopping bags -- it just saves you a lot of sweat and tears. Haha. I told my office mate about the Lazada Online Revolution sale, and yup, he's going to be shopping again for his inaanaks na :) 

Thanks to Clozette and Lazada for changing the way I shop for my beauty and fashion must-haves, just in time for the holidays! :)

If you love reading about beauty and style tips, visit Clozette now! And if you want to know more about the Lazada Online Revolution and + how you can win their super amazing giveaway, click here!

So good luck on the giveaway babes, and I hope you win your early Christmas gift :)

***Congratulations to @mg.eunhye for winning the lipgloss giveaway. 
Please e-mail me with your shipping information :)


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