Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring Review

Something I've been into lately would be hair products. Yes, I repeat, hair products. I've been avoiding makeup and beauty stuff. Haha. I got curious when I saw this Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Color, so I got it and tested it out.

This retails for PHP 428 and is available at all of their boutiques.

It contains the two solutions, a hair treatment, gloves, and a plastic sheet advisable for people with long hair.


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Packaging-wise, it's very cute and I love how it's a complete set. Yes, it may be more on the expensive side, BUT there's gloves (which is a big deal for me) and a plastic sheet (which is very thoughtful to avoid stained shirts) and a hair treatment which smells great. It's very calming, and it really did make my hair soft after the coloring process.

For the hair color itself, it's one of those products that bubbled up and you just have to slather it onto your hair. It's very easy to use and you can do this by yourself. I thought that I'd need another bottle because my hair was a little longer, but nope, the whole bottle covered it. I actually had a lot of left-over hair color, so the amount content is quite impressive.

I've only got two cons for this product. First, after using the hair treatment, my hair went back to being dry and frizzy. I guess it just means that I'll have to continue treating it with another product or maybe by using an intensive care conditioner. Second con would be that it's not as long-lasting as other hair coloring products I've tried. I just noticed that after a week, the color was already fading.

Overall, it's a good product. I like the contents of the box because it's complete with gloves + treatment (which other hair coloring products don't have). I like how you can color your hair all by yourself, since it's just super duper easy to use. And I love how it made my hair brown and ashy. I'm comfortable with the price, but still, I wish the color didn't fade so quickly. Did I pick a wrong color? Maybe. Maybe I should've gotten one shade darker or lighter, it depends... But yup, I'll still be considering this product in the future. I guess I'd just have to adjust on the shade. 


  1. Maybe it's expensive but! Omygod it's worth it! Parang sarap hawakan Ng hair mo mss maj! When I saw your after photo.Tingin palang parang sobrang soft siya at shiny❤😍 love the review πŸ‘pretty maj xoxo πŸ’‹

  2. Liked the pros of this product. One of the things I hate when coloring is that it stains my top. Hahaha. So, it's a huge plus that it comes with a plastic cape and gloves 😊

  3. I color my hair to hide ehemmm.. grey hairs but i'm still on the hunt for hair coloring products that are affordable yet effective. It's nice that there are blogs like yours who help us decide which ones to buy.

  4. Anu po kya mas maganda etude house or liese? Sna may video ka sis hehe mag vlog kna po hihi :)

  5. hindi ko pa na try liese sis eh. di kasi ko nka attend sa event nila dati haha. pero ittry ko din yan soon. i'm back to black na ngaun eh :D

  6. i'm back to black na to hide the ehems.... :P i used pixxel in dark brown. 129php only :)

  7. thank you. i'm trying out hair treatments ngaun. will post what i'm using soon :)

  8. Ma-try ko din sana ito 😭😭😭

  9. Super bagay sayo sis at ang ganda ng packaging. Girl na girl