Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash Review

I've tried foam cleansers before, but this is the first time I've tried a foam makeup remover. And the Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash isn't just your average makeup remover. It's a lazy girl must-have because it doesn't only remove your makeup, it also cleanses your face, so 2-in-1 indeed.

Before/After: There was a little bit of lip product left, but since I used a matte liquid lipstick, that's no surprise. 

Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash
Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 cleanser has a soft luscious foam that acts as cushion against harsh rubbing or cleaning. Perfected by Japanese technology, it has 8x denser foam with microbubbles that penetrate into pores to remove all makeup, dirt, oil and impurities! Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash contains 40% Beauty Essence (Glycerin, Rose hip extract, Royal Jelly Extract) that makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized without feeling any tightness after use plus a rosy scent that you  will surely love!

I think this product stays true to its description and this works very well.

The Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash just melts my makeup off. You can use this with a wet or a dry face, but I find that it works better after I splashed my face with water. I use about 2 pumps of the foam. I use the first pump on one side and another pump on the other. It's a full-face of makeup from primer, concealer, foundation, brow products, powder, blush, waterproof mascara and eyeliner. For days when I'm sporting a lighter face with just concealer, powder and brow product, 1 pump is actually enough.

Okay, so the foam smells very nice. It also isn't greasy or heavy. It's feels very light, soft and moisturizing on the skin. Upon massaging the foam onto my face, it just melts my makeup off -- from my base products on to my waterproof products. And hey, my Stila eyeliner is the bomb. I use it for crying on weddings and it doesn't smudge, so I'd say this Biore instant foaming wash works very good in removing it. I don't need to put too much pressure on washing my face because the product actually does its work in removing it.

The best thing is that after I rinse off with water, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling. There's some makeup removers that after you've rinsed off with water a thousand times, somehow it just feels wrong. Like you're not sure if the makeup remover is all off. You don't have to worry about that problem, because this one leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it or over moisturizing it.

There's also an important instruction at the back. Do not shake bottle so foam can be dispensed evenly. Place bottle on flat surface before pumping. And ohh, I like the pump. Actually, I like the whole packaging of it. Pink is always cute and a simple bottle with a good pump makes it even better.

All in all, great makeup remover and cleanser. It's really a lazy-girl must-have. I was impressed with this Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash that I decided to buy their micellar water too. That one's impressive too and a review will be up another time. You can buy this one for PHP 299 at your leading stores.

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