Ben Nye Luxury Powder Review

Today's post will be about a powder that I use everyday. I just realized I've had this for so long and I have yet to write about it. So, today's the day :) This is a hyped about product that recently sold out when Kim Kardashian posted a makeup selfie of what powder she uses. Do I think it's worth the hype? Read on!

First of all, let' talk about the packaging. Packaging is basic. It's a plastic bottle with a close cap. It has a stopper and not a sifter. Opening the stopper is annoying for me because it almost always chips my nail polish. But it's actually useful because I've never had a spill because of it. Ingredients and quantity of the product are in the front of the bottle.

Price-wise, it's actually expensive when you buy the whole bottle BUT you have to remind yourself that this will last you for like a year or more. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that this is worth 4 or 5 compact powders that you'll use. This retails for like PHP 1000+ and is mostly available online but a good friend of mine @erikaloca and @itserikaloca gave it to me for my birthday last year. Thank you Erika! I love it! Check her website here.

Now, the product itself. I have mine in the shade buff but if you refer to the swatch in the picture, it becomes transparent when you blend it in. As seen on the bottle, it claims to be a luxury powder and I can't agree more. This is definitely a very fine powder and oil control isn't disappointing too. I use this powder everyday to set my makeup before I go to work and this lasts me a good 45-minute commute to Alabang plus 3-4 hours more when I'm already at the office. All in all, oil control for an oily-skin-gal like me would be 4 hours. By hour 4 or 5, I don't look shiny, I look like I have a dewy-glowy look every time I use this powder. This powder didn't cause me any breakouts either. It blends super easily and adapts to your foundation after a few minutes. If you use a thicker foundation/bbcream, you might want to use a mist like this to set it faster.

I know not everybody likes to use loose powder because it's messy and you have to have a sifter and a brush at all times. I actually use a different powder when I'm in the office (click here). But this is what I use to set everything before I leave the house. OR when I have a bigger bag, then definitely, this is coming with me.

Worth the hype? For me, it would be a yes. A super fine powder with good enough oil control, blends easily and didn't cause me any breakout deserves a two-thumbs-up. It comes in a wide range of shades but the banana shade seems to be the bestselling one as it can neutralize redness, brighten under eyes and is used by celebrities for contouring/highlighting. Would I repurchase? Gosh I don't even know if I'd finish the bottle. It's been a year and I haven't even used a quarter of it like whutt? Haha. Worth the hype and would definitely recommend to give it a try.

P.S. my favorite brush to apply this loose powder would be this.


  1. love that powder in buff.😲 and k kardashian used it.omy! Ilike your brush ms.maj 💋

  2. Bet ko po yan ah! really gives lightens sa skin and it blends easily tlga.. and oil control din! I really am looking din sa powder na pangmatagalang gamit po, yung tlgang darating ka sa paroroonan mong maganda at fresh ka pa rin! not haggard! I love that!

  3. Wow super tipid nman pala nyan kahit maharlika hehe ayos din gamitin for baking method. :)

  4. Nice review sis. Sana ma try ko din to