Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder Review

This is the powder that I use whenever I go to events and I love it!

For today's post, I have here with me the Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder. It's already won awards for being the best finishing powder from Allure and Glowpick to name a few. It's described as a featherlight, finely milled translucent finishing powder that creates a velvet-like veil over the surface and helps makeup stay put longer with natural luminosity.

Packaging-wise, it comes in a simple plastic tub with a sifter that you twist to open/close. It's not the sleekest packaging, but it's workable. It's not travel-friendly too because obviously, it doesn't fit in my makeup bag... but I think they have a compact version of this now.

For the performance of the powder itself, I'd totally agree with the description of being a featherlight and finely milled finishing powder. This powder really is very, very, very fine and it feels like nothing at all. It's white in color, but it's actually a translucent powder, so once you apply it on your face, it's as if you applied nothing at all. 

With regards to looking luminous, I'd say yes, a little bit. I do see a difference compared to when I'm using my Ben Nye Luxury Powder (click here for the review) or any kind of powder at all. I don't look too flat and matte whenever I use this Prime Primer Finish Powder.

For oil control, I'll give it a two thumbs up. It takes about 4-5 hours before I need to blot my face with tissue or powder. Sometimes, it even takes up to 6 hours before I touch up -- and for the ber months and colder temp days, I don't need to retouch at all. It offers really great oil control. I use this with Prime Primer Classic (click here for the review) and I think it makes a good combo. 

Also, have you ever experienced setting your face with powder and it looks uber cakey or the powder just settles in your fine lines? Well, I've never had that experience using this powder. I think it's perfect for dry, combination and oily skin. If you have aging skin or really dry skin, they actually have another variant of this powder and it's called the Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder. I think you should check that out at their stores if hydration is more of a priority for you.

Overall thoughts? I love it! I use this whenever I go to blog events and I don't really have to retouch at all. It instantly mattifies my makeup, it feels super light, it provides amazing oil control, and it makes my face feel super smooth and velvetty. I've never had a powder like this before.

This retails for about PHP 1,060 for 12g (but it's all worth it) and you can find their stores at Glorietta and Robinsons Manila.

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