Banila Co Clean it Zero Review

Banila Co is now in the Philippines and they brought all of their bestselling products with them including the Clean It Zero makeup remover that I've seen in favorites videos from YouTubers all over the world.

The million dollar question is... is it worth the hype?

Clean it Zero versus my most longlasting makeup products.

Let's start with is it worth the hype?
YES, YES, and a big YES! Clean it Zero can remove all of my most longlasting makeup products in just a few minutes.

For the packaging, it comes in a plastic jar which is very cute and sturdy, plus it also includes a spatula which makes it very hygienic compared to other makeup removers.

Clean it Zero can remove every bit of makeup on my face from waterproof eyeliner to mascara to lipstick. The best part of it aside from smelling super nice and calming would be that I don't have to wait for the balm to breakdown makeup before I can start massaging and removing it. It starts off as a balm, and then it becomes liquidy removing all the gunk from your face.

Another thing that I love about this makeup remover would be that I can tell when I've completely removed everything. Have you ever had that experience -- like your face is all icky and yucky and you kept on rinsing and rinsing, but it doesn't still feel clean?  Nope, I've never had that experience using this product. I can immediately tell when all the gunk is out.

All in all, it truly is an amazing makeup remover and it's securing a permanent position in my vanity. I'm actually on my second tub :) The Banila Co Clean it Zero can remove everything from face products to liquid lipsticks to waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Plus points because it doesn't sting my eyes nor does it leave an aftertaste on the lips. Again, the hype is real!

This retails for PHP 875.00 and they're available at BeautyMNL, Glorietta and Robinsons Manila.

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