Ysabel's Daughter Launch

A few weeks ago, Ysabel's Daughter launched their newest products namely the Ginger Face & Body Mist and also their Green Apple Bar soap. We had brunch at Johanen's Furniture at BGC -- yes, you read that right, furniture -- I had the same reaction. But anyway, it's a quirky little place with great food, and here's more about the brand, and my day...

I believe Verbana is one of their bestsellers, Lyn and Say kept talking about how they loved this.

And for fruity lovers like me, there's always the Grapefruit Face & Body Mist. It just smells so refreshing!

Here's Christine testing out the Green Apple Bar Soap.

Of course, a selfie wouldn't be complete without Cham and Lyn.

And my first selfie with Say. I always see her at beauty events, but being the shy type, I just never really approached her. We're now seated in the same table, so I guess it's time to strike up a conversation. 

P.S. Our conversations were really deep. Life lessons, love, marriage, and more! But when the stories shifted to the mom-part, I just couldn't hold it in. You see, my mom just passed away last month from Parkinsons disease. I was like oh, hold up, can't stop the tears from falling. Fun brunch, right? Haha.

But hey, my holygrail Stila eyeliner is still the bomb. No smudging!

Jacket: Forever 21. Top and shorts: H&M.

With the owner of Ysabel's Daughter, the ever so gorgeous miss Coty Cruz.

So let's talk about the Ysabel's Daughter.

Ysabel's Daughter celebrates nature. They produce 100% all natural and synthetics-free bath and body products using the finest raw materials from around the globe. All of their products contain the most important ingredient that provide anti-oxidants and regenerative properties for the skin which is honey. 

What makes them different from other brands?

Aside from being 100% all natural, No synthetics, No GMOs, No extenders and No shortcuts, they also harvest their own honey which is quite amazing.

For me, I think another thing that sets them apart from other brands would be that they promote wellness not only for the skin, but they aim to create a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. Being in my mid-20s right now, I'm all about creating a balanced life. Yes, let's put here the infamous hashtag #adulting. I guess the decision to take care of yourself really comes with age. Also, just because something is applied on the skin doesn't mean that it doesn't get into the body's system. So yes, I'm happy that I've been introduced to this brand.

I'll be testing the Ginger Face & Body Mist and Green Apple Bar Soap before I give my verdict on how they perform. So for now, I'll leave you with my friend Lyn's vlog so you can see more of what happened during the launch.

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