What really happened behind the scammer post?

Remember my post on Instagram claiming I've been scammed? You know what, that's really how I felt that time. And as I told the seller, this is the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. In order to enlighten you guys on what happened, I've included our conversations here for you to read. So, let's start...

I ordered some items from @mzd14nn3shop. They only have a 1 day reservation fee, so of course I had to pay Tuesday.

I messaged the owner that I've already paid through BPI and sent her a picture as proof. She said wait 2 to 3 days, so I did. 

The package should have been here. I messaged her asking for the tracking # because I did not receive anything. I asked if it was JRS or LBC. She said JRS, and that she'll send me the tracking # once she gets home.

MONDAY (the next week) 
I asked again what's the tracking # and that I'll go to JRS the following day to check if my parcel is there. She just replied with "wait po" and it kind of pissed me off.

TUESDAY (exactly 1 week after paying)
I told her this is the worst online shopping experience I've had. Of course I got worried. I really felt that I've been scammed. Being a blogger, I receive a lot of packages and I'M VERY SURE that XEND, JRS and LBC knows where the heck my address is.

And then I saw that she was posting new items online but she couldn't even reply to my messages. Like whut?? Guys, I just really felt scammed by that time. Imagine ONE WEEK and you don't have a tracking number and then she didn't reply to my messages anymore. I just hit rock bottom at this point, I gave up, and I posted that I've been scammed simply because of anger.

After posting on Instagram, the owner replied.

The owner offered me a refund and sent me the money back within hours. She also sent me this message and apparently, she is out of town.

Here's my reply:

She said that the parcel was shipped but she doesn't have the tracking # because she is out of town.

She also said that they sent me a SECOND PACKAGE.


I did receive a package (the second package) but it only had two items (I ordered four originally) and I told her that this is only half of what I ordered. I actually haven't replied to her on Viber as of this moment.

So, where's the first package supposedly sent Wednesday last week? I don't know. She doesn't know either. I guess it just went into a black hole.

The second package arrived overnight though.

Anyway, to summarize what happened:

  • No tracking # - maybe it's because of her helpers or whatever, but bottomline, it should be automatic that you send your customers a tracking #. It is courtesy to them because they paid on time. It also shows that you are trustworthy and that they should just sit back and wait for their items.

  • The owner said it will be delivered 2-3 days - it didn't happen, and I got worried. Again, I didn't have anything. I didn't have a tracking #, this was my first time ordering from them, and the owner did not tell me that she was out of town and that other people are handling her orders.

    When she said on Viber that she will send it when she gets home, of course for me, I thought it was going to be the next day simply because she didn't tell me she was away for a few days.

    Please inform your customers if you are unable to process it on time. Just an update would be nice.

  • I believe this is a misunderstanding between her and her helpers. You really have to have a good team behind you. As the owner said, there's someone in charge of posting, the others are on answering queries, et cetera.

    As your shop goes big, you really have to have people you can depend on.

  • I'm glad that the owner and I got to talk and discussed what happened. All of this could have been avoided with a simple update. I only sent her a message once a day because I know that she has a lot of other things to take care of... We all do... I'm not the "makulit" type of customer. But once I lose my trust, that's it.

  • I'm sorry if I caused an uproar, but you have to understand this is my first time ordering from @mzd14nn3shop. I also looked at her tagged photos on Instagram but there really wasn't anything new... no one was tagging their shop et cetera. A friend of mine commented that their account might have been hacked (which is highly possible for popular profiles on Instagram). 

I did all the things I should do as a buyer. I filled up the order form. I paid within 24 hours. She said three days, and I waited three days. I just got very worried because I didn't have any updates whatsoever.

I am retracting my statement. The online shop @mzd14nn3shop on Instagram and Facebook did not scam me. I did receive the second package from them.

You know what, I still really like their items and I think the best way to order from them is through meetup. Yes, apparently, they can do meetups (I did not know this before). Also, the owner said that they have a physical shop at St. Jude Church in Malacanang. I told her that I might just go there even though it's far (I'm from Laguna) but hey, maybe they can have another physical shop in the south? Alabang please, but Makati is okay too. 

I hope this clears everything up on why I went into beast mode or whatever. You may send the owner or me direct messages if you have anymore questions. 

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