12 October 2016

iWhite Korea's New Pore Purifying Balm

So have you seen the newest product from iWhite Korea called the Pore Purifying Balm? 

A few weeks ago, iWhite Korea sent me this amazing package where they were asking me to have some "me" time using their newest products. But wait, I have to first say that OMG! My favorite iWhite Korea Nose Pack now comes in a big tube! Yas!! That's actually the first product I tried from iWhite Korea and it's really the bomb when it comes to removing whiteheads and blackheads on my nose. And another thing, while I was at the mall yesterday, I noticed there was also a big tube of the iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle. I am just psyched that they are now coming out with bigger tubes for their products :)

Okay, going back... 

iWhite Korea released a new product called the Pore Purifying Balm or "the purifier." It loosens up stubborn pore clogging dirt, blackheads, and other skin impurities while exfoliating your pores from within. This product is best partnered with "the remover" a.k.a. my favorite Nose Pack, which effectively removes blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities that clog and widen your pores. And another product you can pair with "the purifier" is the "skin lightener" which is the Whitening Pack peel-off mask. It eliminates dead skin cells and deep seated dirt while lightening skin discoloration, acne marks, and overall skin complexion with regular use.

How to use the Pore Purifying Balm?
1. Apply the Pore Purifying Balm on the T-zone. Simply wait for 1 minute and massage for another minute.
2. Wipe off the balm with a clean tissue.
3. Apply the iWhite Korea Nose Pack on the nose and other areas prone to blackheads. 
4. For Nose Pack free areas, apply iWhite Korea Whitening Pack and spread evenly avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. 
5. Peel off the mask.

So, I tried to partner up "the purifier" or the Pore Purifying Balm and "the remover" or the Nose Pack. I first applied the balm on my nose area, and it felt kinda weird. It really did apply like a balm but it was super (facial wash-feeling) creamy too. Crazy description -- I know, but that's really how it felt like. Haha. It felt like a creamy silicon makeup primer.

And then, after a minute, I felt a little warm sensation on my nose... like it kind of made my pores open up, so I guess that's why it's described as a product that loosens up blackheads and other impurities. After massaging the balm on my nose, I simply wiped it off with tissue and it left my skin feeling matte and very smooth. 

I then applied the Nose Pack as I normally would, and made sure that there were no holes. I found that the best way to use the Nose Pack is to at least use two layers every time. After 15 minutes, I simply peeled it off, et voila, I saw all the whiteheads and blackheads come out. 

So, final verdict? Is it effective? Yes. I think that the Nose Pack is effective by itself, but you know how those deep seated dirt are... sometimes they just won't budge, and that's what the Pore Purifying Balm is for. It's here to help the Nose Pack do its job more effectively by loosening up the oil and dirt stuck in our pores. And besides, who wants to heat water, pour it in a pan, and fan your face with steam when you can just apply the Pore Purifying Balm which pretty much does the same job? Right :) Anyway, it's definitely a must try!

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