Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Review and Swatch

The lipstick that keeps on surprising me.

The Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in the shade 1995 is one of the most popular products in the beauty world right now. I don't know if it started with the brown lippies that Kylie Jenner's been wearing nonstop or it's just that the browns are really making a come-back.

The shade 1995 was created by the popular Youtuber, Jaclyn Hill and the shade is supposed to be inspired by the 90s grunge. The website describes this lipstick as "a matte but creamy lip color that isn't trendy but a timeless expression of glam."

Now, on to the review of the lipstick!

Two years ago, I used to be a person who has to photograph a lipstick first before I use it... But life is short, so my advice is use it now and photograph later :)

One swipe on the left and two swipes on the right.

This shade makes me think of apricots and I don't even know why. Lol. 

So, when I first tried it on, I felt that the lipstick was kind of dry. I definitely saw the matte in the color but it kind of made me feel unsure. I mean, it's labeled as matte on their website but the feeling wasn't like the Mac mattes which was drying as hell. I'd conclude this lipstick as a dry-matte-on-your-lips-but-kind-of-creamy-when-applied. There! That's probably the best way for me to explain  it. And no, my lips didn't chap.

The packaging let's admit it, is gorgeous as gold, and it has a close feel which I appreciate very much. It also has a faint lipstick scent but disappears immediately once you wear it.

The color for me is not consistent. I see it as a medium brown mauve with a hint of red? I was quite confused actually and I had to google a lot of pictures lol. I see the lipstick on someone else and it looks more red. I see it on another person and it looks more brown. And then... I use it... and I see the colors of my lips being another shade. 

Can I just conclude this shade as "adapting"? I say adapting because it seems to fit everybody and in a very good flattering way. I didn't like it that much at first on me because it's already matte and the color is kind of boring. But I found that I was wearing it more like my other #mlbb lipsticks. It's a great color for everyday and I even use it for "special" occasions instead of the typical red. Remember the description on the website as the lipstick being timeless? I'd say TRUE. It's definitely a color to hold on to.

This lipstick definitely keeps on surprising me. First, the color seems to fit everybody and the texture being matte but not the drying type. Second, would be longevity. This definitely wore up to 6 or 7 hours with eating and drinking. This is better than the matte finishes of Mac because it's longwearing but it doesn't make your lips drier than a cactus. Third, it's pigmented at two swipes and may I say that this lipstick fades very gracefully. No, you don't look like you only wore lipstick on the edges of your lips by the end of the day.

Worth the hype!

Got this from @all_about_authentic.


  1. It looks so good on you! <3 I saw that the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick in "Touch of Spice" is similar, so I'm eyeing that next. I feel so kuripot, but I just can't fathom shelling out $15 on a single tube of lipstick when I can get 3-5 from the drugstore. I guess I AM kuripot. Hahaha :))

    P.S. I also don't like the company based on what's been said about it on YouTube. But that's just me. :)

    1. where are you going to get it? sama mo me haha. hard to find shade n nga daw sya sa us tapos mas rare pa siya dito. i think i'm going to get two more bullets of GC... parang maganda ung buttercup shade eh. maybe on December coz it's my birthday and splurging is not an option :)

    2. I asked my sister to get one for me in the US. Guuuurrrrrl, I have this super pretty lipstick from Jordana called "Mystery" and it's so nice! Sometimes it looks like a The shop I got it from doesn't have it in stock right now but I'll get one for you when they do na. :D

    3. onga i saw the shade. it's weird haha. san mo binili? i'll check it out :D

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