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Sheep placenta. Wait.., did I read that right?

I'm going to introduce all of you to the latest skincare innovation in Korea from Gobdigoun. Their team was super kind and they sent me three of their bestselling products: the 24K Golden Cream Placenta Power, the Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask, and the Placenta Power Aging Corrector.

But wait, I just have to point something out... when I opened the package and saw the products, I was like "Wow!" because the products looked gorgeous. I scrolled through their site at and saw all of their amazing product packagings. Until now, I'm still in awe because this has got to be the most luxurious skin care products in this price range.

The Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask
This mask has placenta extracts which is known for its abundant amino acid, peptide, and plentiful moisturizing ingredients that can help you feel a surprising elasticity and moisturizing effect on your skin. It is also constructed with bio cellulose which has a similar structure to human skin protein, that will help you feel comfortable once you apply the mask on your skin.

Main ingredients
Sheep placenta extract 1800mg (as placenta protein 180mg) and squalan macadamia terniforlia seed oil that with help improve balance between moisture and oils of your skin. Placenta is a critical organ for one’s growth and nurturing in their fetal period. It’s considered to have a high level of fundamental nutrition, improves skin respiration, fine wrinkles and rough skin, as well as having lower levels of toxicity. It also contains bio-cellulose which includes highly polymerized compounds obtained by cultivating the natural microorganisms called Acetobacter Xylinum along with the fermentation of natural ingredients.

How to use it?
1. Wash your face and apply toner.
2. Take the mask out and unfold it. Take off the film and place it on your T-zone (Around eyes and nose), then apply the bottom mask for your V-zone.
3. Feel free to move and walk around for the next 15-20 mins.
4. Pat your face gently afterwards.

I just posted this photo on IG stories.

I know I look crazy with the mask on. My nephew even joked that I could apply for the Jabbawockeez or something. But anyway, this is how it looked like. I'm not really fond of sheet masks. I know it's a whole trend now and people are getting addicted to it, but for me, err nope. Well, that was until I tried this Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask.

This is my first time trying out a gel mask and let me tell you, I am in love! I didn't know gel masks felt like this. The mask comes in two parts, one for the upper part/T-zone and another one for the bottom/V/chin. When I applied it on my face, it immediately sticked on to my skin and it felt super cold. It smelled kind of like lotion which is kind of soothing and I could certainly see myself taking a quick 15-minute nap while wearing this mask. It just feels super good and cold on the face. When I took it off, it wasn't super slimy as I expected. The essence dried quickly and it left my skin feeling super moisturized and supple.

I never liked sheet masks, but this product definitely changed my mind. I'm giving two thumbs up for this product and this is a go-to for a pamper session.

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power
24K Golden Cream Placenta Power contain placenta which replenishes and nourishes the skin. It’s an all-in-one multi-tasking moisturizer that dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging such as fine lines lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, and dehydration. 24K Golden Cream Placenta Power provides hydration, soothing, wrinkle-care, pore-care, and whitening.

Main ingredients
The highest nutritional balance was achieved thanks to miscellaneous ingredients such as Australian sheep placental protein, shea butter, niacinamide, galactomyces ferment, aloe vera, ceramide-3 and genuine gold along with plenty of centella asiatica extract (47%) instead of mere water, which is well-known for its protective and anti-bacterial ability. Gobdigoun’s Ovine Placental Protein is a natural ingredient obtained through a scientific process in Australia. Besides, its specific molecular structure and nucleic acids similar to humans, it enhances the level of immunity, natural recovery, anti-againg and detoxification resulting in dermal relief and product reliability.

How to use it?
1. Start off with a clean face. 
2. Warm up a quarter-size of the cream in between your fingers and apply on the driest areas of the face with patting/swirling motions.
3. Apply more on your cheeks using upward patting and sweeping motions. Gently message but never pull your skin downwards. Continue with circular motions across the forehead.

This cream has gold in it. Are you impressed yet? Lol. This cream very much reminds me of another product I've used before. What's the difference though? This 24K Golden Cream Placenta Power didn't turn my face gold -- so yass, thank you for that! 

I found that the cream was a little heavy-feeling compared to the gel mask. It also has a light scent which didn't bother me. And wait, have you looked at the packaging yet? It looks amazing -- plus it comes with an applicator spoon, so it's quite hygienic. It claims to be a multi-tasking moisturizer that reduces signs of aging... it's quite early to attest to the claim, but this does make my skin feel super soft and brighter. My skin actually looked healthier after using this cream.

Plus points because it didn't make my skin turn gold (like that other cream did) so it means that I can actually use this morning and night. There are little bits of gold in it, but when I rubbed it more, they kind of disappeared.

Placenta Power Aging Corrector
Placenta Power Aging Corrector eye cream is effective on all kinds of wrinkles on the face such as forehead lines, crow's feet, eye bags, mouth frowns, neck lines, and nasolabial folds. It is considered effective in three minutes and it lasts for the next eight hours according to the authorized tests. 

Placenta Power Aging Corrector provides nutritious placental protein refined from Australian olvine placenta thanks to its many nutrients such as amino-acid, active peptide vitamins, enzymes, and minerals which is effective in whitening, hydrating, wrinkle care, acne, blood circulation, etc.

The exclusive mixture of acetyl hexapeptide-8 and highly nutritious proteins from Australian sheep placenta ensures perfect skin tightening and wrinkle erasing. It contains niacinamide which will brighten your skin tone.

How to use it?
Just apply it directly to areas of concern.

I was kinda scared when I first saw this corrector. Why? Because it looked like a giant injection! Haha. I am not kidding guys, the packaging is really kind of intimidating... but actually, the top part is made out of silicon and it's very soft when you apply the product directly using the tip.

I'm still 25 and quite lucky that I don't have crow's feet or any wrinkles yet. I'm currently using this product for under my eyes. Dark circles don't really bother me, but what annoys me so much is how dry my under eyes areas are. Luckily, this product provides the moisture that I need and it lasts for hours. 

I like how this feels like snail enzymes or something -- and I just love how this fixes my dry under eyes problem in an instant. I use it every night before I go to bed and I wake up looking like I had more sleep. It doesn't really lighten my eye bags, but the blame's on me since I always lack sleep. As for now, this is my go-to eye product. Two thumbs up for me. 

Overall thoughts for Gobdigoun skin care products? Even though they're just new in the market, they're very promising indeed.

Want to know more about them? You can visit them on Facebook and I believe they're already on Hongkong's online shopping sites, just Google them and give them a go :)

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