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EB Advance Kylie and Mink Mauve Lipstick from Ever Bilena Review and Swatch

I've got two gorgeous lipstick finds for you today!

EB Advance Kylie Creme Lipstick

EB Advance Mink Mauve Matte Lipstick

EB Advance Kylie - Mink Mauve Swatches

I have been eyeing these shades for weeks now... I've been trying to avoid them, but I just kept thinking about the shade Mink Mauve. Ugh... I finally gave in and figured Life is short. Go buy the lipstick.

Did I really need a new lipstick? Nope.
Do I need another MLBB lipstick? Yes! Even if I have like 10 MLBB shades in my vanity, the answer is always yes! Haha. They really have a special place in my heart.

Brown lipsticks are really making a comeback, and of course, EB Advance released their own shades of brown-pink lipsticks. I think there are two other shades -- not sure, but what I bought was Kylie and Mink Mauve. 

Mink Mauve is the perfect MLBB for school, work, a shopping day -- it's just a great everyday lipstick and it's easily become one of my favorites. It's a nice a nice pink-mauve matte lipstick. It reminds me so much of MAC Mehr and NYX Pops even if it's on the cooler side. What I did found out, was that it's a matte version of Revlon Mauve -- another MLBB favorite of mine. See... I really have a lot of MLBBs... and I'm glad that Mink Mauve is now on rotation :)

Kylie is the bomb. If you want to get on the 90's trend but you're not sure how brown lipstick would look on you, Kylie is the way to go. Kylie has a creme finish, so it applies sheerer compared to Mink Mauve. The best thing about this shade is you can build the color up. That's why I think it's a great starter lipstick if you want to go brown. This reminds me very much of MAC Twig and Gerard Cosmetics 1995. GC 1995 is a little warmer and redder tough.

Again, I think these two shades are amazing. They really reminded me of my higher-end lipsticks but of course, they come with a price tag that won't kill me. Lol. Great, great finds from EB Advance and Ever Bilena. 

This retails for PHP 195 each and is available at all leading department stores near you.

P.S. Here's a recent selfie wearing Mink Mauve :)

For an MOTD wearing EB Advance Kylie, click here to see what it looks like!

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