A Rainy Day in Solenad Nuvali

What did you do on your Labor Day weekend? 

As for me, I spent the day doing chores at home and planner hunting at Solenad because hey, #southie here! I started my day around 6 a.m. and dropped off my nephew at Xavier School in Nuvali. Why the heck did I wake up that early on a day without work!? The answer is very simple... food cravings! Chao Fan + fried siomai + tofu to be exact! After dropping off my nephew, my sisters and I went to Chowking at SLEX Mamplasan and had our breakfast. Of course I had some takeout, two orders of tofu because I wanted to eat one for lunch and I wanted to eat tofu again for breakfast tomorrow. Sigh. Talk about gluttony. I'm really matakaw! Haha.

I'm still recovering from my Pixel Laser treatment so my face looks and feels like sandpaper, but that didn't stop me from planner hunting in Nuvali. I went to The Paper Store because I wanted to find a planner that had the calendar boxes every 4 to 5 pages or so, only to find out they didn't carry that design. I then went to National Bookstore looking for a planner, but the SA told me they didn't even carry planners or organizers. So yes, failing miserably on a Tuesday afternoon.

So to kind of turn things around, I bought the Foss ice blended coffee in dark mocha because my sister said that it's pretty good. I got it for only PHP 59 if I'm not mistaken. It tastes okay. I've definitely had overpriced coffees before, and honestly it tasted just like this 59 peso one -- so yes, this is pretty good for the price. I won't be getting any dark mocha again in the future because I really think Foss coffee jelly tastes so much better. 

Sigh. Another work day tomorrow. I hope we don't have over time because I really need to make up for blogging :)

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