SM Lipstick Festival 2016

Bebs, remember last year when I was so disappointed with lipstick fest? Well, this year, they've really made up for it! There was a lot of promotions on Facebook, Instagram, various social media platforms, and yes, there were REAL sales.

I was super lucky to be invited to SM Makati's Lipstick Fest and of course, I came in late because you know, southie problems. Haha. So when I got there, almost all the brands' freebies were gone and I was able to go to only five or so brands. 

A beauty passport was given to us and there was a challenge at every makeup stall. Once we've completed the challenge, they would give us a freebie :)

Here's all the brands that participated in SM Lipstick Fest 2016.

Have you seen Ever Bilena's newest products? 
Get excited because these colors are coming your way!

One of the challenges was to snap a picture of Ever Bilena's newest products, upload it on Instagram, and for completing it, they gave me the new Ever Bilena shade called Posh Plum :)

Stumbled upon a fellow blogger, Lyn. Nice meeting you!

And who wouldn't want their picture taken with this huge lipstick? 
Of course, I had to take a snap!

There were so many sales during SM Lipstick Fest, but I just bought these two L.A. Girl lippies.
I've already tried the shade Fleur (click here) and I just thought it was a steal at PHP 175 each that I just had to get two. Regular price is PHP 350 at SM Makati. 

Here's all the freebies that I got from SM Lipstick Fest this year.

I loved almost everything about this event. First of all, there was a lot of promotion from the participating brands about their products on sale. Even the items posted by NYX Cosmetics on their Facebook got sold out by the time I got there. Second, almost all of the brands inside SM Makati department store had a discounted price for their lipsticks or other makeup and skin care products. Some items were even 50% off. Third, the SAs are now aware of what the heck was happening and what Lipstick Fest was. Lol. I noticed some of them got stressed with the amount of people buying from them all the same time. 

The only con for me would be that some of the stalls didn't have SAs around, so people weren't able to ask what items were on sale. And from a blogger perspective, we were supposed to get dibs from the Beauty Passport challenges, but I noticed that regular customers got the freebies that were meant for us. 

So, yeah, there you have it. SM Lipstick Fest was such a great event compared to last year. Two thumbs up because I came home happy. I can't wait for Lipstick Fest next year! So excited! :)

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