Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette

My very first blush palette.

The palette comes in a black box with rose gold colored-texts just like the palette itself. Rose gold's really become a signature now of Makeup Revolution. I was expecting a bigger palette (I don't know why. I guess Google images got the best of me) but instead, I got a sleek beautiful blush palette that looks super expensive. It's very compact. It has a nice big mirror and it feels oh, so elegant. Sad to say the packaging isn't scratch-proof so it definitely ruined the sleek black front of the palette. 

Also, I thought this would be just a baked blush palette but there's a couple of colors that you can use as highlighters and also bronzers. What a bang for your buck right?

For the colors of the palette, I'll go left to right top four colors first. Here are the swatches:

I seldom post selfies but if you saw some of my pictures in IG including the one on this post, you'll notice that super pretty glow. This white highlighter with gold flecks is the cause of it. At first I thought it's super white and there were some bigger flecks of glitter but when blended, it just turns into a super fine highlight that lasts the whole day. I really, really, REALLY love this color.

It's a light pink baked blush. Think somewhere along these swatches. Con: Not longlasting :(

Also another pink-ish shade that looks purple beside the second blush. It actually has a frostier look.

It doesn't show up much as a bronzer on my skin color, so I use this as a golden highlight. It definitely blends into my yellow-ish skin color, so it's really more of a subtle glow.

Now for the top bottom colors going left to right:

I haven't played much with this color honestly because it's kind of weird. It looks kind of light grey-brown in the pan but when swatched, it looks like a golden-beige? I don't really understand the color (hence I provided two swatches above.) But it's definitely not something that I'm going to use alone as a blush. Probably a matte blush plus this shade just to add a glow or just as a highlighter. It's super fine. You can't notice the shimmers. Definitely no glitter. It really looks like a "glow" think Benefit Watts Up. It really looks very similar to it. I might swatch and compare the two just to see if they're dupes.

Two words to describe this: Frosty and glittery. This looks pretty as an eyeshadow color especially when foiled. It was too frosty when I used this as a blush so I ended up having to buff my foundation brush over it to tone it down. It lasts long though. This reminds of me eyeshadow pigments. 

Shimmer and glitter. Is this really a blush shade? haha. I honestly think it works better as an eyeshadow. The color is gorgeous. Think Urban Decay Naked 3 in Trick turned into a blush. Super pigmented and you need a very light hand in applying this. And now that I mentioned it, some of the colors actually remind me of Naked 3. But at least now you can use them as blushes right? :) 

Now if the first shade was a highlight shade, this can definitely be a bronzer and contour powder. It's MATTE. Like hello... need a palette for traveling? Take this and you're done. Highlight, blush, eyeshadow and contour. That's it. You're all packed.  

Just like my review of their Essential Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, I am very impressed with this Golden Sugar palette. Like shut-up-and-take-my-money kind of impressed. Very, very pigmented colors. The colors are on point. It's a versatile palette. Packaging is sturdy and looks very sleek and expensive. I don't know what else to say rather than I'm so, so, so happy with my purchase. I want to get more products from them.

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