Intra Fruit Juice Review

Have you ever thought about taking in food supplements for your health? I once considered it, and the results were not good.

Usually, these food supplements are tied up together with networking companies and that's why I didn't want to try them out. Aside from the networking thingy being fishy, I just didn't believe too much in products being sold by regular people who really don't have any idea what they were selling. 

My family's a pretty much medical-related gang. My dad used to work at Unilab, my two sisters are chemists and pharmacists... and we all pretty much believe in the tested and proven drugs.

But on the other hand, my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend right now... their family's a little spontaneous and they're more adventurous in trying out food, exercises, alternative medicine et cetera. So anyway... after years of him convincing me to try this Intra Fruit Juice out, I finally tried it. The results??? Que horror!!

Intra Fruit Juice review:
DO NOT DRINK THIS PRODUCT if you are not aware of all the allergies in your body. If you're familiar with my Derma Diaries, this juice is the culprit that pretty much caused all of my acne! But of course, I'll have to be objective, so here's my take...

Packaging wise, it's pretty good. You can see all the ingredients and nutritional value in the label. It tastes like prune juice and of course it has NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS just like all the other food supplements. But what was the effect on me? My regular bowel movement was changed. My routine used to be eat breakfast, drink coffee, and go to the toilet. This changed my bowel movement and it made my stomach rumble after work when I'm travelling home or even at the mall. The timing was just super bad. Until now, six months after drinking this juice, my "routine" still hadn't come back. 

What other effects did I notice? I'm quite acidic with the food I take. But I noticed that after taking this in for 1 week, my tummy didn't hurt too much when I haven't taken lunch or when I'm drinking sodas et cetera. So it's a thumbs up there. 

And here's the worst part... this might be the culprit for my acne allergy. I noticed pimples after a week of taking it and I was like "It's okay, just might be the detoxification effect" but pimples kept popping up and soon I had a whole army of acne on my face. Over four weeks of drinking this juice, I eliminated makeup and skincare products which I thought was causing my acne, and nothing seemed to work. I was even wondering like I've used those makeup products before and it didn't have any bad effects on me, so why now?

I went to a dermatologist at Asian Hospital in Alabang only to find out this might be the culprit. I might be allergic to one of the organic ingredients and that the allergy could've shown up anywhere else in the body, but it showed up on my face. The doctor said at least, the allergy didn't take effect internally where some valves could have swollen up and I could've died.

What I learned from this experience? Do not drink this juice unless you're 100% aware of your body and the side effects this might cause you. Think VERY, VERY, VERY carefully about taking in a product that has NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS.

This product costs about PHP 1,500 or more, I forgot already -- but the expenses I've incurred with my dermatologist and medical bills amounted to PHP 15,000+ already. So no, I really don't recommend drinking this Intra Fruit Juice just because you don't know what this might do to your body.

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