Ever Bilena Vogue Diva, Posh Plum, Sexy Nude and Vivid Violet Lipstick Review and Swatch

Remember when I went to Lipstick Fest and I saw the new lipstick shades from Ever Bilena? I don't have all of them (the EB Advance line) but I do have the new EB Matte lipsticks namely Sexy Nude, Vogue Diva, and Posh Plum. Vivid Violet was released earlier, but I included it here too since it's still kind of new.

Left to right: Ever Bilena Vivid Violet, Posh Plum, Vogue Diva, Sexy Nude

Left to right: Ever Bilena Posh Plum, Sexy Nude and Vogue Diva

Ever Bilena Vivid Violet
This shade looks different on me every time I wear it. Sometimes it looks like a perfect purple, and sometimes it looks darker. I think Vivid Violet really adapts on the color of your lips. On me, this looks like a dark purple that I'd wear when I'm wearing an all black outfit or a white polo -- plain -- just so the color can stand out. I prefer to wear this at night time and P.S. it doesn't make you look goth. Just a little on dark side, Vader-style.

Ever Bilena Posh Plum
This is a color I chose to take home from Lipstick Fest. It looks kind of pink next to Vivid Violet, but it still has a hint of plum in the color. I don't really wear pinks, but if the lipstick shade hints a little bit more to purple-plum, then yes, give it to me! I usually wear these kinds of colors when it's raining just so I can lighten up my mood. :)

Ever Bilena Sexy Nude
For the ladies who prefer the au naturale look, Sexy Nude is for you. It hints kind of pink-peach, and it looks as though you're not wearing any lipstick -- but in a good way because it doesn't wash me out. It's not really a MLBB for me, and it's also not a brown. It's literally a nude lipstick that would be great for school, the office, and for everyday wear.

Ever Bilena Vogue Diva
I think this shade would be a bestseller since a lot of people now are taking risks, and wearing deeper colors. This shade really brings out the diva in you and is also perfect for everyday wear. I wore this to the office the other day and this color is quite longlasting on me. I'm not sure how similar this shade is to EB Matte Diva (I don't have it) but I think Diva is more red, while Vogue Diva is more maroon. But anyway, I super love this shade and I really think this would suit a lot of people.

Overall thoughts about these lipsticks? I believe that they changed their formula and improved it. They smell like chocolates, the formula is kind of thin-creamy, they dry matte, and you can achieve the full color after 2 to 3 swipes. Longevity is about 4 hours on me... considering I eat all the time. Lol. And they look better on exfoliated lips. The color latches on to dry areas, so make sure to prep your lips by applying lip balm before -- or just include lip balm in your night routine. I promise you'll wake up to supple lips.

These new shades are already out! They retail for PHP 165 and they're available at your leading department stores.

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