Benefit Cosmetics ATC Tour + Newest Brow Products

Last month, Benefit Cosmetics launched NINE brow products. Yes, nine eye brow products. I think this is the firs time I heard a makeup brand launch that many products all for le brows. I also dropped by the Benefit Cosmetics Alabang Town Center branch and here's a little tour of what's inside...

All of these new brow products are now available at Benefit stores.

I'm seeing some of my favorite products including The Porefessional (click here for the review) and also the It's Potent Eye Cream (click here for the review).

Oily face problems? Benefit's got you covered with their oil control line. I also have a post about the Operation Pore Proof Set, click here.

I spotted one of my favorite blushes on the counter, the Coralista blush, (click here for the review) and I also saw a small sized Hoola bronzer. I believe they're selling it for PHP 800.

I've also been eyeing the Hoola Zero Tanlines on Instagram before it arrived here in Manila and man, I did not expect it to be this big!

So, here's a quick pic all of the new Benefit Cosmetics brow products. For a complete list, you may click here for their website. 

What I remember is all of these products claim to be waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof, you know, all the good stuff. These new products start off with a primer all the way to a finisher, just so it could cater to everyone's brow needs.

And take note, they have a product for people who already have thick brows, so you might want to check that out.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I think this is one of their best sellers. One end is the brow product, and the other end is a spoolie. The product is kind of in a teardrop shape, so that it'd be easier to fill things in. This comes in six shades and this should be a go-to for people who love using brow pencils.

Price: PHP 1,400


Their Browzings had an amazing makeover. Claiming to have a new and improved formula, it comes in a silver gorgeous packaging now. It's one side wax, one side powder and there's a dual ended brush + tweezer inside. It has a big mirror too and I see this as a very travel friendly product. This also comes in six shades.

Price: PHP 1,800


Now, this reminds me very much of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (click here for the review). This is a cream-gel brow color and it comes in six shades. Also, when you remove the lid, it's actually hiding a small angled brush, so this is more travel friendly compared to my ABH. 

What I also noticed is it dries super fast and it doesn't move when I smudge it. I want to get this but I just need a little push. The drying time kind of worries me because it's super fast. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get this or not... but I'm in the shade 3 as Sean from Benefit suggested.

Price: PHP 1,400

Here's Sean during the brow workshop doing some brow mapping.

And here's a haggard selfie just because I went straight here from work. This is the first time I used a tinted moisturizer in three weeks since my acne-allergy attack. Skin's getting better and I hope it's all up-hill from now.

Overall thoughts?? Nine brow products that starts off with a primer all the way to a finisher plus different ways that you can fill your brows from pencil, powder, gel, all the way to a highlighter is amazing. These products are definitely something you should check out at Benefit Cosmetics stores near you!

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