7 June 2016

Banila Co Seoul Beauty Event at RobinsonsPlace Manila

Amazing news babes! Last month, Banila Co just launched their flagship store at Robinsons Place Manila and in celebration with their store opening, Korea's no. 1 makeup brand held an event to showcase what “Seoul Beauty” is all about.

Despite being launched just last November 2015 (click here) Banila Co managed to open three branches already within its first six months; their branch in Robinsons Place Manila being their very first boutique. 

Banila Co. Korea heavily participated in the design of the store in Manila to keep the authenticity and provide a fuller experience with the famous Korean cosmetic brand. This store offers a different feel to customers because of their well-designed interior, two vanity tables, floor-length mirrors (a selfie is seen on my Instagram) and several shelves to showcase Banila Co's popular makeup, skin care products, tools, nail polishes and of course, sheet masks.

Let's take a tour inside the store okay? :)

Along with their store opening, Shebby did a makeup demo and showed us the difference between two styles of makeup, western and Korean. Although the western concept of beauty long dominated the Philippines, the recent Korean wave paved way for Korean-style makeup.

The western way of makeup includes heavy contouring, defined eyebrows and matte finishes while the Korean concept of beauty is more concentrated on youthful radiance with little to no contour. They focus more on strobing or highlighting the high points of the face to have a Sok Gwang look or the “lit from within” look which is popular with Korean actresses and singers.

Banila Co even gave us a step by step guide on how to stay youthful and achieve the Sok Gwang look or the "lit from within look." But I'll save that for another post. Adiue for now :)