Sooper Beaute Beauty Box + New Sooper Beaute Matte Lipsticks

Have you ordered your own Sooper Beaute Beauty Box yet? Well, you should totally try out their new products especially the lipsticks! 

What's inside my Sooper Beaute Beauty Box?

I have five of their new matte lipsticks, their contouring kit and their tinte bb cream.

Their contouring kit comes with a quick how-to.
It's a guide on what-to-put-where depending on your face shape.

And now, for their amazing lipsticks, I got their five new mattes! 

Yas! New posh packaging but kept the gold.

Don't they just look perfect? 
These colors vary from MLBB to nude to warmer/lighter browns.

Bottom - up: Tucana, Draco, Norma, Andromeda, Hydra.

Not only are these new matte lipsticks very wearable, they're uber moisturizing too. They look and feel matte on your lips, but I never find my lips drying when I wear these. Very, very moisturizing because of their beeswax and grape seed extracts. Amazing formula and color selection (Kylie Jenner, 90s kid and grunge). 

I won't be surprised if Sooper Beaute becomes the talk of the town soon. Their new organic products are definitely something to watch out for. 

You can check them out here @sooperbeaute.


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