Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer Review

I can't live without concealers. It just makes life better especially if you have troubled skin like I do. I have concealers from sticks to pots to color correctors--just use the search box on the blog and I'm sure you'll find some.

Anyway, I think that concealers are my real first makeup purchase. Of course, I'd use a lipstick here and there from my mom, but concealers are the first thing I bought by myself from Watsons. I'm a pretty late bloomer... I had horrible acne when I entered college and 10 years after, I still have it... pimples and blemishes... Unbelievable right? Haha. When they say "your acne will be gone once you get older" don't believe them because they're wrong. There's such a thing as adult acne and it's from various factors. The biggest factor though would be horrible hormones. Don't fret because concealers are here and they really want to be your BFF! 

It comes with a doe foot applicator.

Swatch: Medium and light.

Before and after for blemished skin. I used the shade medium.

Before and after for concealing eye bags. I used the shade light.

Before and after using the Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer in light.
Lips: Sooper Beaute lip and cheek therapy in Polaris. 

I'm actually surprised that they came out with a new concealer--but quite happy. Now that it's in a liquid formula, application steps would be simply to dip, dot and blend. It's supposed to help minimize skin imperfections such as blemishes and dark circles and it's also infused with ingredients that prevent skin dryness.

Okay, so packaging-wise, I like it. I like their new liquid concealers with the doe foot applicator and the clear tube. It's simple packaging but it works. For the formula, it's a thin liquid concealer and it's not too runny which I like. Spreading and blending the product is easy especially on the under eyes. Using a stick concealer on the under eyes can tug the skin and make it darker, so I really prefer liquid concealers on the eye areas.

As for coverage, I'm not that convinced with it covering my blemishes. I think the main reason for it would be because the shade medium is almost a match to my skin tone and I always go a shade darker when I conceal blemishes. I wish there were deeper colors. Maybe add two more or three? Plus, I think that the shade medium is too light right now for most of us. It's currently summer and I'm pretty sure everyone's a little tanner. I do like the undertones though... being yellow and matching most Asian skin.

When I used it for the under eyes, I was like "yas!" This concealer made me look more awake and it blends great under the eyes. As you can see on the photos above, it definitely evened out my bags and made the area smoother and lighter. Two thumbs up for me.

Overall thoughts, this liquid concealer isn't runny but it's easy to blend. It also doesn't have any scent. I think these concealers are worth a try especially for the under eyes. I always have dry under eyes and I did not find this concealer drying into patches at all. It evened out my eye area and made me look more awake. When it comes to hiding blemishes though, I would say this concealer has buildable coverage. Because on the picture above, I actually had to build up the coverage three times. The shade just isn't the best match for me but still a thumbs up. So, yes, I like these concealers. And Ever Bilena, please make more shades. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it especially the morenas. Again, a must try for the eye bags.

This retails for PHP 140 and is already available in your Ever Bilena stalls.

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