7 April 2016

The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads

The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads

If you think that it doesn't matter what kind of cotton you use on your face, you're wrong! Not all cotton pads are created equally. Yup, I can say that totally from experience...

For today's quick post, it's my review of the The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads.

The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads
These cotton pads are two-sided. One side looks like a normal cotton pad, while the other side looks like the photo above. It's a little rougher, but still gentle enough for the face. 

Great for toners! I actually bought this cotton pad because I thought I could use it for my Bifesta Micellar Water. Ugh, yes, I guess not. It turns out, as much as I like the two sides of this cotton pad for removing makeup, it sucks up way too much of my micellar water and it barely leaves enough moisture for removing my makeup. And hey, micellar waters are expensive, so this cotton pad sucking all of it up didn't make me too happy. When I used it for toners though, it worked great. I use the softer side first and then, finish of with the rougher part for some exfoliating. A cotton pad that offers exfoliation. Why not? Right? :)

This retails for only PHP 65 and is available at The Face Shop retail stores :)

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