Careline Lipstick Review and Swatches

If ever you're looking for some Careline lipstick swatches, here they are!

Careline Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Oh yes, hello to all the girly girls out there. If you're having a bad day and you like pink lipstick, why not pick Cotton Candy up before going home from school or the office?

Careline Lipstick in Lollipop

This lipstick is really frosty and turns out almost nude on my lips. It's like a gloss, but better because it isn't sticky. Looks great for night outs and on darker skin tones :)

Careline Lipstick in Strawberry Cone

I'm gonna have to say this is my favorite shade out of all these Careline lippies. I normally don't go for pink lippies but this one's a red-pink and it's a color I wear for rainy days. 

Careline Lipstick in Swift Red

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Why not wear a red lipstick like Swift Red to show your love for her? :)

Careline Lipstick in Taylor Red

Still a Swiftie but not fond of uber reds? Taylor Red might be for you as it hints a little orange.

These lipsticks smell very fruity and although they aren't that long-lasting, they stain a little and they are very moisturizing. These lipsticks retail for PHP 120 each. They're widely available at your leading department stores, Watsons -- just every Careline or Ever Bilena you can see. You can even pick one up at your local grocery!

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