Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm

Have you ever thought that lipstick isn't for you? 

No, you're not alone on that one. I know a few people who don't like lipstick... or makeup -- but they still use petroleum jelly or even lip balms simply because they don't want their lips to crack. Haha.

When they said that lipstick brightens the face in seconds, they weren't kidding. Sometimes we look...err dead... especially when we have a deadline for school or work and the only color in our face is those big dark eye bags. If you don't want your eye bags to be the first thing that people notice when they see you, why not put some color on the lips? Distract them! Lol.

If you're not into lipsticks, these Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balms are super pigmented just like a lipstick but it's actually a moisturizing tint and you can pack the color up or you can apply less to make it look more natural :)

Swatch of Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Makeout

Swatch of Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Kiss Me

Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Makeout for red lips.

Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Kiss Me for pink lips.

They smell like bubble gum!!! OMG! I swear these lip tints smell super good. I enjoy applying these on my lips because they just remind me of cherry balls during my younger elementary days. Lol.

Packaging is your typical lip balm but just a little more cute. It shows the ingredients (which are all organic) and I believe that before I opened it, it showed the expiration date too.

Both lip tints are super pigmented. They're actually like a lipstick already, but they're balms, so they're a little more moisturizing. I actually don't apply it full color on. I like dabbing the lip tint on the middle of my lips and I'll just spread the color using my pinkie finger. When I'm too lazy for lipstick -- yes, there are days like that -- I actually use these. Also, when I'm just going out for errands or I'm lazy to put on makeup to work, I just use these lip tints for a natural look.

Staying power? These lip tints stain your lips (which I like) and they last a long time. Do note that they also feather if you put full color on and that they transfer when eating. These lip tints kind of 'melt' when applied and are easy to spread, so I'm thinking these can actually be used as blush for the cheeks. Two birds one stone? A lazy-girl must have? :)

What I love most about the Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balms is they're not sticky and especially not greasy. I'm a lip balm snob. I promise. Haha. I only use one brand of lip balms but they don't really have the color that I want. OR if they do have color, they're not that pigmented -- the color is gone just after drinking water. Haha. 

These Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balms are my go-to now for lazy errand days and when I want a natural look for work. They're pigmented, moisturizing and lasts a long time even when you eat or drink. All in all, these tinte kiss balms took the crown away from my trusty lip balms :)

Where to buy? Click here to go to their online store. They also have stalls at ATC (hello southies!) Trinoma, SM Manila, SM Southmall and SM North Edsa.

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