MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks

What is it with these MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks that people seem to rave about them? And is it really worth the hype? 

Well, I tried these lippies for a month and I'm now ready to share with you my review, swatches and overall thoughts about these Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks.

MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks
Long-lasting lip color with a matte finish. Lightweight texture that glides on lips effortlessly. A creamy & nourishing formula that won't dry lips. Super matte but won't crack on lips. Super pigmented and blends well even on dark lips.

Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks shades: 2, 3, 12, 13 and 16

Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks shades: 2, 3, 12, 13 and 16

I decided to wear three MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks in one work day and it wasn't such a good idea. As much as these lippies are pigmented and long-wearing, they're pretty matte and difficult to remove. Haha. 

Just got home from work selfie with the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 002

Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick 002:
Fuschia. It's a super girly pink! If you like pink lipsticks, you've got to try this one out. It's super eye catching and if I see someone wearing this lipstick, I'll surely look again. I'm not really into pink lipsticks, so when I first wore it, I was like "Wait, is this neon?" Lol. For me, this looks super bright but it's still a warm and very wearable pink.

Just got home from work selfie with the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 003

Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 003:
I like this lipstick :) It can make anyone look super b*tchy. Lol. It reminds me of Mac Diva or Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb but more matte! A deep berry, almost reddish-brown. You can layer it along to how dark you want it to look like. It can really make you look mataray but it really looks super fierce! I love this kontrabida shade! Haha.

Restroom selfie at work wearing the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 012. 
Also wearing The Balm Mary-Loumanizer highlighter. Click here for the review. 

Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 012:
At first swatch, I thought this shade looks similar to #003 but it's not. #003 is more of a berry-red-brownish shade while #012 is kind of greyish-brown-pink. When I first wore it, I thought it was brown. But the moment I got to the office, I saw my lips kind of greyish. What got my attention with this color is even though it hints grey, it doesn't make me look dead or even like a zombie. It actually looks pretty cool and it's a shade that's quite unique to my collection. It doesn't make me look b*tchy like shade #003, but it can definitely give you the cool-girl-I'm-a-snob look. I love this shade! Haha.

At work wearing the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 013 

Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 013:
I wore this and I immediately thought of Mac Ruby Woo. I do have Ruby Woo but I haven't swatched these lippies next to each other. And maybe I don't need to. The two lippies really give off the same color and the same look, both matte, but I find Mac Ruby Woo stays longer. 

I had my lunch at Chowking Molito, Alabang while wearing this lipstick. Rice, noodles, drinks, you name it. The color faded with the oily food I was eating but it did survive lunch. The moment I got back to the office, I decided to re-apply shade #013. Unfortunately, it didn't look great as when I first applied it in the morning. I found it even easier to remove the lip color with tissue and apply it all over again. So, touch-ups won't do. It's better to remove the lipstick completely and apply it again.

Just got home from work selfie with the Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 016

Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick shade 016:
This might be the creamiest and the most wearable shade out of the lippies I have. I think this lip color can suit everybody. It's not MLBB which I first thought it was, but it's a very wearable nude-pink. This is color is my jam. Lol. It's perfect for work, dates and just everyday makeup :)

As for the packaging, it looks like a bigger lip liner pencil. What's funny is I thought it was retractable, so I kept twisting it up. Turns out, you need a sharpener for this one. Haha. Kind of a hassle if you think about sharpening it, but I like that it can always give me a pointed tip :)

These lippies dry powdery matte. It's quite creamy when you're first applying them and then, you'll feel a little tightening on the lips. It feels quite tacky and sticky but after a few minutes, it will dry completely matte. If you try to kiss the back of your hand, the color doesn't transfer. I tried rubbing off the lip color, but it didn't budge either. Kiss proof indeed.

Staying power varies on what you eat! Lol. But these lippies definitely can stay the whole day on your lips without feathering outside your natural lip shape. The oilier the food is, the faster it would rub off. But then again, with these lippies, it's better to remove everything off and just reapply on your lips. Use that oily food to your advantage! Lol.

MeNow Kiss Proof Lipsticks price? 1-2 pcs - Php 130; 3-5 pcs - Php 120; 5-10 pcs - Php 110.

Where to buy? From Kikaysimaria store, click here or order from Instagram @kikaysimaria_store here.

Final verdict?
They look like lip liners, but you don't have to worry about the cap going MIA in your makeup bag. Haha. Super pigmented and buildable colors. Very creamy once applied but dries powdery matte on your lips. These are super long-lasting but I find it quite drying at around hour 5 or 6. Wide range of colors, great payoff, very affordable and kiss proof indeed. Worth the hype!

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