13 March 2016

How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

How do you clean your makeup brushes? We all have different ways but this is how I clean mine :)

Basically what you need are your makeup brushes; a makeup tool like a brush egg or cleansing pad -- something textured that you can swirl your brush around; and a cleanser. I use baby shampoo but you can also use makeup brush cleaners too.

  • Wet your brushes first, apply some cleanser on the Brush Egg or cleansing pad, and swirl your brushes on it. Run it under water until there's no more makeup residue. That's basically it. You just have to do this process over and over again. You can also soak your makeup brushes into a cleanser mixed with water and do the same process just so the makeup residue can be a little more loose.

Important: DO NOT SOAK THE WHOLE BRUSH OR EVEN HALF OF IT INTO WATER. This will break down the glue of your brushes which leads to handles and brush heads being removed.

One other thing is you have to dry them vertically. You don't want the water to break down the glue inside right? I personally use a brush tree but for my bigger brushes that don't fit, I just dry them against the wall. It's up to you. You just have to dry them vertically with the brush heads pointing down.

How often should you wash your makeup brushes? It's all up to you. I personally do it once every two weeks, or once a week. It just depends on my free time :)