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January 12, 2016

Quick FX Eyelift Cream Review

Hola bebs,

I thought I'd start today with my current -- and for a long time really -- eye cream. I've been using it since September 2014. I didn't even realize it was ages ago until I searched for tags in the blog. You can access my previous skincare routine here. I have an updated one that I'm working on, it's been widely requested on how my acne is going, what products work for me etc. I'll just update you guys :)

Let's get it on with the Quick FX Eyelift Cream!

My thoughts:
Quick FX Eyelift Cream claims to "help reduce the appearance of lines, dark circles and puffiness, helps refine and tone areas around the eyes."

I've been using this since 2014. It's 2016 now babes, so of course, I love this eye cream! My under-eye area tends to be dry and when I rub my eyes, I just feel like I'm scratching everything. But thank goodness I found this affordable eye cream and this has solved my dry under-eye problems. 

If you don't see this in your local Watsons, I'm sorry because I hoarded it! Haha. I went to like five Watsons in the south just to look for this and when I found it at SM Southmall with only two pieces left... sorry, but I got both of them. Finders keepers when it comes to Quick FX products! :)

Not only does it keep my under-eye area moisturized, but it also helps reduce my dark circles. It's not something that works asap, but when you've been trying it out for a long time already, you'll just notice that your eyebags doesn't look as bad than it was before. I really have a hard time sleeping... so yes, eyebags errrday :) This just helps my eye area look as if I had 15 minutes more sleep. And yes, that's really a big difference! Every second counts when it comes to sleep! Haha. Does it really "lift" the eyes? Hmm... I guess yes -- sometimes. I don't know, I just feel like sometimes it helps with my puffy eyes and makes it look more rested. I swear it's not just my mirror! Lol.

I use it twice a day, first in the morning before putting on makeup (I have an under-eye primer but I prefer using this eyelift cream) and at the end of the day before I sleep. It moisturizes my under-eye skin and it's not sticky at all. I didn't have any allergies using this cream considering that the eye area is very sensitive and has the thinnest skin in our bodies. It has a slight scent which goes away in a few seconds and you won't really notice it at all.

Overall, it's a very affordable eye cream that works great with dry under-eyes, helps tone dark circles and it's easy to travel with. I've been using it since 2014. This product just really works for me and I will continue to purchase it :)

I believe this retails for PHP 49.00 and I buy my stash at SM beauty or Watsons :)

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