Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream Review

A lot of you have been messaging me on Instagram asking me about my skincare products. If you're new to this blog, well, I have acne. I just turned 25 and I still have acne. I first got it when I was 16, went to the dermatologist for a few years, and my acne came back when I graduated college at 20. It sucks that at 25, I still have acne. But you know what? Don't lose hope. A product might still be in the works for you. And what I've noticed is I have two weeks clear skin and two weeks of red bumps. Usually my two weeks of acne is when I'm close or when I have my period. Though, whatever I do, whether I prick the bumps or not, they would always still leave dark spots and marks. I just accepted that that's the cycle. Haha.

I answered your messages but I didn't post a review of this yet because the shop I was buying it from at Pop Culture Alabang Town Center moved. I didn't even get the name of their shop. I've been looking for a legit shop that sells Pasjel and I finally found one. I saw that they have a physical shop at Pop Culture Trinoma and since I was there last Sunday, I visited them and found what I was looking for. 

The packaging changed. It now comes in a tube. I'll pop a photo at the end. The seller explained to me that it was repackaged and that's why it was scarce for quite some time. The price remains the same though but upon using it, I found a few differences. 

Long intro right? Okay, let's get into the product!

If you want to see the before photo, click here. But I'm warning you... it will hurt your eyes!
Now, this is also a product that I've been using and it's really helped my skin out. Click here for the review. This is the most recent photo.

OKAY! So, where do I start? I'll just start with the old and most popular packaging. It comes in a small tub that you'll be thinking "well this isn't going to last me a long time. I'll be out of it in no time. I'll just look for another product." But no... remember what I said about splurging? Click here. Sorry bebs, but Pasjel is worth the hype. It may be costly for such a little tub of product BUT can't you see the results? I was hesitant at first, but then I thought there must be a reason why people are buying it. Haha. I tried it and I'm a believer, a user and a fan of this product. It helps dry out my pimples. I think this product lasted me more than three months... I think five months with some days I'm too lazy to use it. Let's say I used it four to five times a week. Whatever the math is, it lasted me for five months and that's a good deal for me.

Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream is colored pink. It's super cute! It smells super good and reminds me of cherry gumballs when I was a kid. It smells like candy and I reminisce my childhood days whenever I use this. Lol. The instructions are quite no-brainer. "Apply to face before sleeping regularly." When you apply the cream on your face, it's not sticky and it dries fast -- IF you apply it to a dry face. I wash my face first, then apply this cream before I sleep. When I wake up, my face doesn't look as oily and the cream didn't stick to the pillow case or whatever. The skin really absorbed it.

I'd like to believe this product doesn't only only lighten the skin or treat and prevent acne -- oh wait, it can be used for freckles and melasma too. But going back to what I was saying... I believe this product actually healed my skin. I had a deep "pit" on my skin because I pricked a pimple when I was younger and after months of using Pasjel Cherry Tender, I noticed that the pit got shallower. Sorry, but running out of words here. That's just what happened!

All in all... need I say or show more? This product not only lightened my blemishes and helped prevent my acne but it also healed my skin. This product is very easy to use and if you use it regularly, it really does show the results. Not harsh on the skin, no peeling experienced, no itching or whatsoever. It's just a very gentle cream. I can't really understand what's written on the box but as long as it works, I have no cons about it.

I got the tub from Pop Culture Alabang Town Center but the store has moved. It retailed for PHP 450 or let's say $12.00 ++ 

I bought another one from @happyhaulerph at Pop Culture Trinoma for PHP 500 but the packaging has changed and it has a few more grams. It now comes in a tube. The box also shows an improved formula. I hope they didn't change it too much and that the cream will still work for me. I also noticed a change in the smell. The one in the tube smells a little more sour-cherry. Haha. And last but not the least, the color is less pink. New packaging below:

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