Ever Bilena Pink and Brown Eyeshadow Palette

Wait, did I actually take a selfie wearing eyeshadow!? I barely take selfies and when I do, I'm usually just wearing mascara and eyeliner. But for this post, yes I wore eyeshadow only. One shade really caught my eye because it was so beautiful and reminded of sunsets. I applied it on my lids and it just looked so pretty. It would totally be a color I'd wear on a beach wedding.

Here are two of Ever Bilena's new eyeshadow palettes... Brown and Pink.

Just look at those pretty colors! Warm pinks and cool browns!

Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches without primer:

Just thought I'd share that the last color in this palette actually has flicks of gold glitter.

Swatches with primer:

Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette
Okay. Let's number the shades 1 to 6 from left to right...

1 - shimmery white color for the brow bone; can actually be a highlighter when applied with a fan brush. Has small silver shimmers.
2 - a cool toned pink; matte. I like this very wearable color.
3 - kind of light grey-ish; definitely cool toned too -- matte.
4 - a really light beige, almost shimmery skin color. If you're new to eyeshadows like me, you can use this all over the lid. It looks really natural on the lids and perfect for everyday office no-makeup-makeup-look.
5 - taupe-dark grey-cool toned matte color. Drier than the other shades. Great for the crease or smokey eye looks.
6 - black with small gold glitters. Better with primer.

Packaging, the plastic is quite sturdy. It also has a close clicking sound so you know that the palette is really closed and won't make a mess inside your bag. It's a small eyeshadow palette that gives a range of cool toned colors and it can fit perfectly inside your makeup bag. It comes with a sponge applicator and a wide length mirror. You can actually do your eye makeup using this mirror when you're on the go.

Formula-wise, almost all are smooth whether it be matte or shimmers and they're very soft to the touch. The fifth and sixth shades are drier than the other shades. When applying with a brush, you don't really need to tap for fallout, except for the last black shade. It's easier to apply darker eyeshadow colors a little bit at a time. Yes, we don't want that panda look don't we? Haha.

The shades are all cool toned and I first thought that I'd use this palette for day time makeup but as I tried it, I think it's better for night time. Hmm... I like the white, the pink and the light beige for day time though, but the grey and taupe colors seem better for smokey eyes :) I have hooded eyes so I won't be the best person to ask when it comes to how it creases (all eyeshadows crease on me) but when I used the matte pink and the matte grey, they did kind of combine on my lids -- you wouldn't recognize the colors. Using a primer would really show off the colors.

Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches without primer:

That second light pink color is soft and creamy but it became a little chunky when I tried to layer it without primer. Oh, and there's my favorite color -- the middle color in the photo below!! I don't know why but it just reminds me of sunsets. It's in the middle of the rose and copper colors.

Swatches with primer:

The light pink color definitely evened out with primer. Say goodbye to chunky shadows!

On the left of the photo, no primer and of course on the right is with primer. 

Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow palette:
As you can see on the MOTD above, primer would definitely even out all the colors and show their bright beautiful colors. Grabe, the colors really are so beautiful!

Eyeshadows from left to right:
1 - white matte eyeshadow.
2 - light glittery baby pink. I used this on the inner corner of my eyes.
3 - shimmery rose color. This is so pretty too.
4 - sunset color. Gorgeous, gorgeous color. It's what I mostly used on my eyes and this is my favorite out of all the colors in this palette.
5 - shimmery copper color. Very pigmented.
6 - dark taupey brown with gold glitters. It's what I used near the crease.

Packaging, same as the Brown palette, it has a mirror inside with a sponge tip applicator, six eyeshadows and a close click which makes me feel secure whenever I hear it.

Formula wise, all are very creamy and very, very pigmented. It might seem a little chunky when you try to layer on the light baby pink but used with a primer, it applies super even. When using a brush, you need to tap a little bit off your brush because there will be fallout -- especially the darkest shadow, the one with gold glitters.

Using a primer with this palette will be amazing. Just look how blended the right eye is compared to the left one. The shimmer in the inner eye on the left definitely stands out and looks unblended. My hooded eyes were very forgiving with these colors. Colors stayed the whole day with my oily lids.

Overall very, very pigmented eyeshadows, gorgeous colors and a one to have. Great color payoff for just PHP 150. My favorite palette would definitely be the Pink palette with the rose, sunset and copper shades. They're too gorgeous and can be used whether it be day or night. Love love this palette :)

Where to get this palette? You can drop by Ever Bilena stalls in SM, Robinsons, Metro department stores, Watsons and all leading stores in the country.

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