Conceal + Correct with QuickFX CC Cream!

Quick, effective, affordable--QuickFX’s expanding line of beauty solutions is exactly what young upstarts need to face anything with confidence. There’s the Pimple Eraser, No-Shine Mattifier, Eyelift Cream, and the Tinted Moisturizer.

Now, the brand has added a magic color correcting formulation to its arsenal—the QuickFX CC Cream. A big-time favorite in South Korea, this all-in-one cream conceals, corrects, hydrates and protects the skin to reveal a healthy glow!

C for Conceal

We’re all concerned about about the harmful rays of the sun, not to mention dark spots and blemishes! With the Zinc Oxide ingredient, you get protection and enough coverage to conceal blemishes.

And whatever your skintone, don’t worry! The formulation adapts to your color, giving your skin an even look.

C for Correct
QuickFX CC Cream also has Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural, non-toxic ingredient. It helps prevent aging by hydrating the skin and helping it attracts and retains moisture. This ingredient easily penetrates the skin’s surface, thus promoting nutrient absorption.

It also has Fruit Extracts, rich in antioxidants and anti-aging benefits, to promote skin elasticity. There’s also V-Peptide to boost firmness and brighten the skin.

CC the results!

With QuickFX CC Cream, you can conceal and correct for a beautiful, radiant look. Cover up those blemishes in an instant, and correct those imperfections for the long-term! Get your sachet of QuickFX CC Cream now at the nearest Watsons and SM Beauty store, for only PHP89!