Milani Cosmetics Lipstick in Plum Rose

Merry Christmas to you and your families. I hope everything's going well and that your tummy is very happy with the Noche Buena you've eaten :) I thought I'd review something gold today, so it will be about the Milani Cosmetics lipstick in Plum Rose.
I got this from @kissandtell_ph.


Okay, wayyy too many selfies in this post, but I just wanted to show what the shade looks like indoor and with sunlight. And no, if you're thinking that this is a my-lips-but-better lipstick, my answer would be no. This is not MLBB for me. Plum Rose is plum rose. It's not brownish nor pink or anywhere near the color of my lips.

Packaging? Looks amazing. It comes in a gold square bullet with the color and the shade of the lipstick shown at the bottom. I think that the color at the bottom is very accurate with the lipstick shade itself. This is my first Milani lipstick and I'm quite impressed. Plus points for having a close click. I feel very secured that this won't create a mess in my bag.

Plum Rose is described as a creamy mauve. Mauve? Hmm.. I can see that. But I think the shade name really describes the color of this lipstick. I can see plum but I can also see the rose color of the product. Plus, this is said to be a dupe of MAC Craving. Craving is on my to-buy list and I'm pretty happy that I don't need to get that shade anymore. This is almost an exact dupe as I've seen the swatch on Pinterest.

The lipstick itself is amazing and super pigmented. I was really surprised that at one swipe, it's full color already. The lipstick smells like watermelons but once applied on the lips, the scent goes away. I don't mind the smell at all because it's super yummy. It's creamy and easy to apply and it doesn't dry my lips out. The finish isn't matte, but I'd say satin. Does it have staying power? A big yes too. This can last up to six hours on the lips with eating/drinking and I don't feel the need to reapply after eating. It doesn't really feather outside my lips but it does transfer when you eat/drink.

Overall thoughts? This is a great pigmented lipstick that smells super good and lasts long. Color is plum, a little more rosy and I think I'll wear this more during the night. I don't know, somehow when I reapply during the day, it shows up super pigmented which bothers me. Anybody ever had a problem with a lipstick being too pigmented? Hahaha. I feel like it's just me. Anyway, I guess I'll just apply a little softer next time :)

You can get this lipstick and the other shades for PHP 350 at @kissandtell_ph on Instagram.

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