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MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick

How's the weather treating you? I haven't been so well. I've been under the weather :( The past few weeks of rain + lack of sleep definitely affected me. But nonetheless, I'm back with my review of the MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Mehr even when I'm sniffing. Haha.

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
Lips would be of course MAC Mehr.
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MAC Mehr Lipstick
If you guys aren't familiar with my lipstick preference, I go dark or I go mlbb. There is no in between. Lol. Sometimes, I go for an occasional red, a once in a blue moon pink, but really, most of the time, it's darks, purples and plums or my-lips-but-better shades. 

So now, I introduce to you, MAC Mehr... another gorgeous beautiful mlbb color. I think MAC Brave is closer with my lip color but Mehr makes me doubt that. Lol. It's a gorgeous everyday matte color and it's perfect to complete any look. It's definitely a fan favorite by makeup lovers.

This retails for PHP 1000 in stores but you can get it for PHP 850 at @all_about_authentic on IG. I have another shade from them, Twig. I actually thought they're pretty similar, but it's a big NO.

This isn't a limited edition lipstick and it's part of the permanent matte range. Expect the scent of vanilla, close-feel click in the cap, and a matte finish. And as always, matte lipsticks look better on exfoliated lips + lip balm :)

Mehr is definitely bluish-pink and slightly grey on me -- it's a matte lipstick that's very close to a lot of people's lip color. Staying power would be four to six hours with eating/drinking. Oh wait, actually, it really depends on what you're eating. Haha. But the normal for me would be six hours. It might fade a little after eating but you really don't need to apply asap. MAC matte lipsticks definitely last long on me and I don't feel my lips being dry or chappy at all with Mehr. Plus this applies very soft on my lips  and easily unlike other MAC mattes.

Overall thoughts? I'm very happy with MAC Mehr :) It's really a great everyday lipstick for matte lovers. It lasts long and it doesn't make my lips feel dry. I've been using this more than my MAC Brave...I don't know why. I just feel like Mehr lasts longer on me even if they're both matte finishes. This is on my top mlbb lipsticks and Mehr is worth the hype.

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