The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Review

We've got another crowd favorite for today. It's the Mary-Lou Manizer!

I got this one from @all_about_authentic on Instagram. The first thing I thought when I saw the package was "Oh God please don't be broken!" I always see this highlighter somehow shattered and whatever. But they did a really great job on packing this baby :) All in one piece. Not even a single fallout in sight! Bravo!

Had to put it heavy just so you can see how it looks like when the light hits you :)

After & before shot. See how it brightened up my face? :)

First of all, this highlighter is so freaking big. This beats all my other highlighters! This is like their momma. You only need a little when using highlighters, so I doubt you can hit pan on this one. I'm guessing a few years even if you use this everyday??? lol. 

The packaging is really nice. It's super sleek and secured with a click. Plus, I really like the mirror because it's big. I really want to put this inside my makeup bag but I'm just scared I might shatter the product. I'm not very careful on handling my office bag. I just throw it anywhere I see space. I once shattered my Nars Orgasm blush and I'm really careful not to commit that mistake again. 

Another one on packaging, I personally don't like the designs of The Balm. I know some people love the pin-up and old school designs but it's not for me. I think this is because of their Nude-tude palette. I know a lot of people love that eyeshadow palette because it has really good quality but the design just blew me off. It's too risque for me haha. The Balm really has good packaging when it comes to being sturdy, having magnets on palettes et cetera. But their designs... I'm really so-so with that. Err I don't know. I might change my mind on that one when I get a little older haha.

The color is like champagne with really small gold shimmers. It seems like there's glitter but it's so tiny that you can't really notice it unless you focus in and the light hits your skin. I think the color is great for everyone whether you have light or dark skin tones. The highlighter is uber soft, buttery and it's really freaking pigmented too. BUT a good thing is that it seems like you can't over do it with Mary-Lou Manizer. If you see my first selfie, I really did put a heavy amount of highlighter on my cheekbones but it still looks okay right?? It doesn't look like I'm a disco ball or something. When the light hits my cheekbone or my nose area, it doesn't look oily or dewy. It actually looks like it has a soft glow. If you see my after&before shot, you'll notice that my face looks brighter and a little softer compared to the picture on the right. 

Overall thoughts? This tops my favorite highlighter which is white. I thought I loved that one and that white highlighters looked the best on me, but I was wrong. It seems like champagne Mary-Lou Manizer is the way to go. Longevity of this highlighter can last you 6 hours if you have oily skin and it doesn't add to you looking like a grease ball at all. 

I would really call this as a highlighter which makes your skin look soft. This highlighter could look really natural and subtle when you use a little and apply it on your cheekbones and nose bridge. But if you feel like you want to be a divine shimmering goddess sent from the heavens, apply heavily and you'll get the look. Best part about it? You can't overdo it. It won't make your cheeks look fake haha. (Yes.. I do have a highlighter that makes me look fake. That's for another blog post. A highlighter comparison maybe???)

When my skin looks dull, I tend to use BBcream on the center of my face and foundation just on the sides. But my BBcream is quite thick and even with primer, it takes a little longer to blend. I love it but I just don't have the time to use it everyday when I get ready for work. So, I use Mary-Lou Manizer instead. I use a small fan brush or the contour brush from Real Techniques to apply it on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose and I'm all set for the day. This is super easy to blend, so I have brighter skin in just five seconds :)

This retails for PHP 900 and is available at @all_about_authentic on Instagram. 

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