SpeedyCourse Basic Makeup Workshop with Gail Sarion

I'm going to share with you a little something something on the makeup workshop I attended last November 14 from

But first, 

What's SpeedyCourse? 
It's an online course finder where you can search for short courses, trainings, seminars, workshops (such as makeup workshops) and other learning events that you're interested in. We all use the internet everyday right? And search engines a.k.a Google-ing workshops is hard. You really have to search and keep your eyes peeled for something to be in the country or in the area.

With SpeedyCourse, you really don't have to click every result you see that popped up. This is now your ultimate "search engine." This is available in various countries such as the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and now it's in the Philippines. Registration is free.

Here's how it works...

Type in what you want to learn. Whether you want makeup workshops, cooking lessons or baking workshops -- if you want to learn new skills for work, you can type in marketing trainings or even certificate courses related to your work.

What's the best part?
You can limit the search to your city/area by typing in the location box. Like for me, I live in Laguna. Makati, Alabang, anywhere along Edsa would be the most accessible for me. You don't really want to search for trainings in Cebu if you're in Laguna right? :)

Once you hit search, you'll see the results. Just scroll down and click away for courses that might interest you.

I'll just use this as reference since this was what I attended last Saturday.

You can register immediately and pay online to reserve your slot. You can also inquire directly to the provider of the course for questions about the training.

This really would be the easiest platform to look for workshops and certificate courses. Of course, I experienced having to go through Google and typing everything just to make it as specific and possible and it still didn't cut it. But with SpeedyCourse, type what you want to learn about and then choose your location. That's it. Results would pop out in just seconds!

Now, let's move on to the girly part! Here's what happened on the basic makeup workshop.

Forgive me. I was late. It was traffic because they were rerouting roads for APEC. When I got there, they were finished with the base makeup :(

But of course, I asked my seatmate what happened haha. I wanted to know the "order" on how Miss Gail applies makeup. Everybody doesn't have the same routine because it all depends on what you need and what you want. BUT I still wanted to know her steps. lol.

Here are her steps and how she applied them by order:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner
  • Falsies

You might say that this is a lot. But she highly discourages us to use what we don't need. For example, you have clear skin. You don't really need concealer nor foundation. You can just go with powder for touching up during the day. There might be a lot of products in her steps but she kept on saying just put on what we need.

For makeup brushes, these are her suggestions on what you need to start off with:

  • Powder brush
  • Bronzer/blush brush
  • Blending brush for the eyes
  • Brow brush and spoolie
  • Lip brush

I totally agree on those brushes except for the lip brush. It's just the lip brush is quite a hassle to bring UNLESS you have a retractable lip brush. Sometimes I wish I had a lip brush with me when I touch up, but I have an "open" one and I know that it will just get dirty in my makeup bag, so I don't bring it at all. Lip brushes are perfect when you use dark colors or when you have want to outdraw your lips. Miss Gail says that lip brushes reach every corner of your lip unlike the usual lipsticks.

This is her using a fan after she applied the false eyelashes. She loves the little fan from Daiso haha.

A few more of her beauty hacks were:

  • Cotton buds + wet tissues for when you smudge your eyeliner but you don't really want to redo everything. This works great for eyeshadow too and mascara messes.
  • Powder + mascara = an instant primer for eyelashes. There are mascaras in the market that have primers in them. They are usually double ended mascaras -- the other half is white (primer that has like little fibers for volume) and the other half of it is the black mascara. Instead of buying a double ended mascara, we can just apply mascara first, put a little powder on our lashes with a small brush and then apply mascara again.
  • Apply foundation on your lips for a more accurate lipstick color. Sometimes sheer lipsticks show up differently or doesn't show up at all. Miss Gail recommends that we should  also apply foundation on the lips because it neutralizes the lip color and makes the product show up more.

What's the best part of the makeup workshop? The consultation. Everyone had their own consultation time and Miss Gail went through a one-on-one with some chika bits. She tells each person what she would do if she applies makeup on them. Another tip she has if you're single and like 34 years old above, use pink lipstick everyday. She swears you'll have a boyfriend in no time. haha.

Here's our selfie :) She only told me a few things because she said I looked aye-okay already. She just advised that I should use brown eyeliner instead of black and that I should avoid using shimmery blushes. She said matte would look better on me because I also have oily skin. She also gave me some tips on how to use false lashes.

I think her top products would be:

  • Powder
  • Bronzer/Blush
  • Eyebrow brush/spoolie
  • Lip Brush

She really likes bronzers. She prefers brown/peach blushes for our skintone rather than pink. Mink hair for brushes are the way to go. And she's not a big fan of using concealer. She also encourages that we should only products that we need.

Final takeaways from this workshop?
I really enjoyed the basic makeup workshop from SpeedyCourse with Miss Gail Sarion. She uses all-Chanel and then she talks about how she buys brushes in Divisoria. haha. She might seem a little intimidating with the typical-makeup-artist-look and wearing all black, but she really seems fun to be with. I like her. haha.

Do check out SpeedyCourse for workshops you might be interested in. You might also see another workshop with Miss Gail :)

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