Celeteque DermoCosmetics Launch

Let me introduce you to Celeteque's new line, the Celeteque DermoCosmetics where they're fusing cosmetics and skincare.

I've been a user of Celeteque products ever since and I love their skincare products. So, you can imagine me being excited when they're releasing their cosmetics line. Obviously I'm a makeup junkie. I'm venturing more into skincare right now but makeup will always have a special place in my heart. Kind of like Toy Story, Woody and Buzz. Makeup will always be Woody and skincare for Buzz. But Celeteque decided to fuse makeup and skincare, so voila, perfect products for me and you. Here's some snaps on what happened during the launch :)

And here's a sneak peak of what their products look like :)

Celeteque decided to group them via anti-aging and nourishing benefits...

1. Dark Spot Concealer
2. 24-Hour Photoready Liquid Foundation
3. Dual CC Matte Powder

Nourishing Benefits:
1. Matte Lipstick
2. 24-Hour Volumizer Mascara
3. Cheek Color Stick
4. Blush and Face Contour Kit
5. Eyebrow Nourishing Serum

I'll be reviewing all of these. So, sit back, relax and wait for the uploads :)