Stolen Makeup and New Beginnings

Yes, you read it right. Stolen makeup.

This Wednesday, our house help left without saying goodbye. What sucks is that I bought her a new phone just two weeks ago (5.5" screen, octa-core processor, 13 megapixel cam etc) which we agreed that she would pay via salary deduction every two weeks. She made up some excuse about someone dying and she really needed the money blah.blah. My sister was closer to her, so my sister convinced me not to deduct money from her salary yet. Et voila. After the day I gave her pay, she vanished. Gone girl. Incognito. AWOL.

I was already on my way home from work when my sister texted me saying "She's gone. Come home." I panicked. I texted back "ANO KAMO" a.k.a. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" After gathering my senses, I texted my sister "Check my room. Check if my laptop's still there!"

My panic thoughts went something like this order...

1. I hope she didn't steal my laptop!
2. I hope my makeup is still there. I hope she didn't get any of the gifts from my loved ones. I hope she didn't get my favorites. I hope she didn't get the products for review. (If you've been reading my blog, you know it takes a LONG time for me to review things. I test them out for like 2 weeks to even months and sometimes I just forget things.) 
3. I hope my diamond earrings are still there in front of the mirror. 
4. I hope she didn't get the money in my drawer that's supposed to be my allowance next week.
5. I don't know if she got any of my clothes?!!
6. How would I know what's missing? :(

I felt betrayed. 

Scanning my room... I saw my favorite products... then I realized some things are not in their proper places. All I can say is good bye... I gave some products to my mom and I guess she got some from her too. 

It's frustrating. I feel like she's gone through my whole collection checking out what looks good on her and what doesn't... I felt like I lost everything. Like these items aren't mine anymore :( I've lost my makeup bag before... It was sad because all your favorite items in one bag, gone in an instant. But now, I feel like... I just feel like these babies aren't mine anymore :( I don't know. I'm probably not making any sense but they don't just feel MINE. It's like I've lost the connection to them which sounds cray cray... but that's how I felt when I saw them.

I guess I'll just have to start fresh with less.

I feel lucky that nothing happened to my parents. There's some scary house helpers out there and man oh man are they sick. I feel lucky that my laptop's still here (currently typing in my red Asus). I feel lucky that she didn't take valuables like jewelry (I'm not very sure about this one. We're kind of still in the process of accounting stuff that's gone) and you know, I feel lucky that I was able to provide. Like I'm the giver and not the taker... it's better to give than to receive... I just feel like I have more.

Now, for new beginnings... 

I'm slowly revamping my blog if you haven't noticed it yet and I'm currently looking for ways to improve my social media platforms, my photos, updating my posts (planning to just re-do every post, not sure yet) and also writing regularly... I feel like it's in tune with the things that I lost. It's just time to start fresh.

I'm planning to have a giveaway soon and probably the requirements would be to follow my social media platforms up above... so, to get a head start, you can just follow/like all of those buttons above and I'll just announce when the giveaway will be. P.S. I won't post spam on my Facebook page. It would just be an easier link for you to read reviews.

So, here I am starting fresh... and I hope you join me in my beauty journey. A better blog and a better me.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry love. Can't even begin to imagine what you're going through. Our house help passed away on Monday and I'm so scared of getting someone new cos of stealing. So sad cos you were so good to her and she just left. Stay strong and hope you're ok. Looking forward to joining you on your new journey.
    Nisa 💋

  2. Oh my gosh, so glad you and your family are safe! This has happened to my family several times in the past, and I totally agree that it sucks and makes me feel so betrayed and vulnerable. Don't worry - think of all the blessings you still have, and good things will eventually come. Keep it up with all the hard work! Take care, Maj! <3

  3. I am glad that she didn't take away anything that BIG for you. Oh gosh, it is really hard to look for a good house help these days. I am glad that our current house help is someone that I can completely trust. Good luck on your new beginning! :D