Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser Review

I'm finally on the road to clearer skin!

It has been a long and hard journey since my holy grail facial wash was discontinued. I've almost tried everything on the market and then went organic but nothing seemed to be working. But, I didn't lose hope and one day I saw this at the store. My boyfriend told me to try it but I was kind of hesitant. BUT while I was talking to Jenine @justjenine, she mentioned how she tried it and saw results in just a week... so, convinced, I immediately bought this product. I've already finished the smaller bottle and this bigger size is a new one.



I don't know how to thank Safeguard for saving my skin. Two months ago, all hell broke loose and now, it looks so much better. I'm now on the road to clearer skin.

When I first used it, I thought "ohh, I know these kinds of formula" It's like a white-cream-moisturizer that isn't foamy or even bubbly, but it lathers on smoothly. It doesn't have any disturbing scent and it feels so light on the skin. One thing I also like about it is it doesn't sting and it doesn't make my skin peel. 

When I use it at night, I always notice that my skin isn't that oily in the morning when I wake up. It actually looks fresh haha. In just about a week, I noticed that it started to calm my acne. Those big bumps became smaller and smaller until they healed. Now that it's been two months, I only get one to five pimples in my face. All I have now are lots of blemishes because of my previous acne-allergy-conditions.

Final thoughts, new holy grail product. I use this twice a day and look how much better it made my skin just in two months. I'm so happy that a product finally worked for me after all this time searching. This just shows that even if acne is making our life hell, we shouldn't give up. If nothing works for you now, just wait, because a company might just be developing something that would cater to your skin. We shouldn't lose hope.

I know their derma sense facial wash comes in two variants, for acne and for sensitive skin. I wished that Safeguard made another product for the blemishes, like how to lighten them up without peeling and stinging like this facial wash features. I have no idea how they'll do it but I know that they can make it happen.