Ever Bilena Blush in Amethyst

Today's post will be about one of my favorite blushes. Like seriously, in my top five most used blushes. This is something that would never really catch my eye, but I'm super glad that I got it. 

It just comes in this packaging and it doesn't have a mirror, a brush nor a box unlike their other Ever Bilena blushes. The lid has a silver Ever Bilena logo printed on it and at the back, you can see the ingredients, how much the product weighs, manufacturing date et cetera.

Swatches: Milani Cosmetics Rose D'Oro, Ever Bilena Earth and Ever Bilena Amethyst.

Okay, I know I already told you guys this is one of my favorites but I wouldn't have found this gem if it wasn't for Rae @scatterbraintures, so thanks so much ate Rae :) This color just seems too pretty. It isn't eye catching and I've definitely missed this a few times in the makeup counter. 

How I choose my blush depends on what lip color I want to use. Usually, if I want to use MLBB lipsticks, I use a pink blush. But what if I wanted to go with a dark lipstick or nude? Well, this is where this Amethyst blush comes into play. It goes with everything. It goes well with my dark vampy lipsticks, my reds, my nudes, my plums, even my pinks. It just goes well with everything.

Now, why are there three similar looking swatches above? Here's the difference: 

Milani Rose D'Oro seems pretty similar to Amethyst but it has silver glitters in it plus it's just a tad lighter than Amethyst. This blush is more shimmery compared to Amethyst + more fallout. Ever Bilena Earth is also another blush that I often use, but sometimes, it's too brown for me. Sometimes it seems too summery for me when I want a more toned down office look. Amethyst is like the shade in between. It's not too brown and bronzed and not too shimmery at all. It's not matte, so it does have a little glow in your cheeks and gives a natural flush. Plus, this blush is hard to overdo. 

This product is not powdery and it's super easy to blend. Just like Ever Bilena Earth, this is a product that's easily picked up by my blush brush and there's almost no fallout at all. It's super smooth and it's a buildable color. I never have any problems with this blush--like I put too much or I put too less and my cheeks are not even--none. It's just super easy to use. I believe this retails for PHP 110.00 but I'm not quite sure since I've had this for a few months now.

Overall, I love it. It's one of my most commonly used blushes. I took this photo months ago while it was brand new and it definitely doesn't look like this anymore haha. This is a great blush for yellow-ish people like me. But it's not limited to that. It would certainly look good too with fairer skin tones and even for morenas for a glowy look. I give it a thumbs up with my oily skin because it lasts almost the whole work day and reapplication is optional. This is a gem for me. Swatch it in stores and see if you think this looks good on you.


  1. I freaking love this! I picked it up because of you and Rae (thank you!) and I've worn it non-stop for more than a month now - I feel like I'm neglecting my other blushes already. Haha. :))