Why Lipstick Fest Disappointed Me

Today's post is about false advertising. Lol. No, I'm kidding. As you can see on the title, this post is all about why lipstick fest disappointed me. July 29 was International Lipstick Day and if you're a makeup lover like me, you would've gone out and looked for sales.

Following different types of social media, I stumbled upon Lipstick Fest by a well-known mall. Now, when you promote it as "Lipstick Fest" and "up to 50% off" honestly, what comes to your mind? It's like a happy day for all the shoppers, right? Well, not actually. My friend came to visit said mall, and she told me nothing was on sale.

I saw it trending on my Facebook feed and all the comments were like "I talked to your SA about this and it was like she didn't even know what I'm talking about." I read a lot of comments similar to that, so I felt like it was a sham.

I went to that same mall last Sunday hoping that there would still be "salvage" sales. I went to stalls in the department store asking the SAs "which of your items are on sale?"Almost all of the answers I got were "None. We don't have anything on sale right now." I also asked if they had items on sale last July 29. Same answer, none. 

So, what did I walk away with?

1. iWhite nose packs PHP 18.00 each. I really like this product because it works in getting the whiteheads and blackheads from my nose haha. I've used other blackhead removers from Korean brands and those that you can find in Watsons and this one is my favorite. Another blackhead removal sheet that worked great for me was the one from Bench. It's a black strip. When used properly, you can see all the gunk removed.

2, Tony Moly concealer @ PHP 248.00. Always out of stock but I found it in Landmark! There's supposed to be three shades but there's only one left. I'm looking for a new concealer. I love my HBC HD concealer but being pen type and not knowing when it's going to run out makes me panic since I use it everyday. I buy backups but most of the time, the shade olive is out of stock :(

3. Nivea deo because I'm a person who wants to smell good  :D 

4. Finess oil control sheets @ PHP 31.00. Cheap, easy to bring with you, unscented and absorbs oil well. 

5. Essence matte lipstick in Natural Beauty. I've always wanted to buy this lipstick before BUT somehow I always just pass by it. Essence mate lippies are on sale at PHP 150.00 so get some asap. Don't know when the sale would end. I'm happy and sad at the same time when I tried this on. It turns out it's the EXACT same color as my lips. It looks like I'm not wearing lipstick at all which defeats every purpose of using one lol.

6. Maybelline colorshow lipstick in Nude Mocha @ PHP 165.00. I've been trying my best to find the new matte colorshow lippies but they're always out of stock. But then I found this lovely shade and I fell in love with it. Colorshow lippies are definitely a must have. It's very affordable, moisturizing, smells so good and color payoff is good. It's even better if you use a lipliner or a different matte lipstick and put this on top.

What stalls to go to?
1. Maybelline: Buy 2 at regular price, take 1 for free. They have a lot of product on discounted price.
2. Revlon: Utlra HD lipsticks at 30% off.
3. Essence: Matte lipsticks at PHP 150 instead of regular priced PHP 210. Plus they have other stuff on sale from their previous collections.
4. L'Oreal: They have a lot of product on discounted price.
5. Ever Bilena: Extreme lipstick I believe are buy 1 take 1. I had two of there before, I think Pink-A-Boo and Pink Goddess. Both are shiny and pretty on the lips.
6. Fashion 21: I believe they also have a sale like buy 2 and get 1 for free on lipsticks.
7. Misslyn: A new brand I guess? They also have lipsticks on sale.
8. NYX: Butter lipsticks are 30% off.
9: Careline: Buy 1 get 1 on lipsticks? Not sure if it's limited to shades.

Well that's all folks. Considering the number of brands available in that mall and you only find a few with sales/discounts!!? Wouldn't that make you sad? Lol. I was expecting a lot more brands to join in, but I guess it's a sham.

Did you go to the lipstick fest? What was your experience? What items did you see on sale? Message me up!

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  1. Nakahiwalay pala yung comment form mo, I thought it was disabled.

    I was able to buy Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick for only P200 (from P399). I like to try some Revlon lippies as well but SAs wasn't present sa stall niya that time and other brands' SAs were not informed regarding the sale as well.

    SM should let their representatives know first about the sale before having a big promotion like this. They could have more sales sana if they could inform their respective teams about the fest.

    They didn't announce din the brands and products applicable sa sale na yun (limited lang brands na naka post online, I've checked din kasi facebook and IG nila), para hindi sana mahirapan yung buyers like us to ask them one by one kung ano yung naka sale.

    Anyway, I'm happy I was able to check Covergirl :)

    A Beauty Bella