August 2015 Favorites

Here's a few things that surprised me a.k.a the things that I thought didn't work or stuff that I thought I would never use but here I am... loving it... making them my favorite things right now haha.

First up, this gorgeous highlighter shade from the Makeup Revolution baked blush palette. I never really thought of highlighting before. Having oily shiny skin, I thought that highlighting would just make me a disco ball. But it doesn't. Plus you can control the shiny effect on where you want the highlight to be. See this MOTD pic here. Instead of letting my whole cheek be dewy/shiny, I put highlighter on top of my cheekbones to focus the light there. I use it together with my RT fan brush (which I thought was useless. I thought fan brushes were useless before. But now I'm in love with it too) :) I got this from @beautyshopph on Instagram.

New stuff! Nichido tinted brow gel and eyebrow pencil. These items retail for PHP 238 and PHP 138 respectively. Now, I'm used to those angled brow pencils but I read from Cosmo that you have to give this eyebrow pencil a try. It's in their top 10 eyebrow products in the magazine.

At first, I was worried because it seemed to creamy. I'm more used to the dry angled eyebrow pencils and I find them easier to use. This was a challenge because it's literally drawing on your brows, not just gliding along it. Having a light-hand while applying this is best and a small amount of the product goes a long way. It's quite pigmented, creamy and blends fast with a spoolie. Longevity, depends on the weather. When it's like 35 degrees outside, bring this on your bag so you can easily retouch. Great color selection too. I like it. Con would be having to sharpen it all the time. Might be too creamy but at least it taught me to be light handed lol.

Nichido tinted brow gel. I colored my hair super light brown almost blonde and my brows were black. Yup. That's actually the reason why I bought these two Nichido brow items. 

I never really understood brow gels because I have sparse brows. I figured those with full brows get the best out of them. However, this brow gel is TINTED. Okay, so I my hair is super light brown and my brows are black. What's the best solution if I didn't want to tint my brows? Buy brow tint. Et voila. Problem solved.

Hassle because I had to add another step in my makeup routine but hello. I was not going to go out of the house with those black brows on everyday, so I bought it haha. I like it because it's a quick fix. I like that it kind of temporarily tints the skin too when I apply this to my brows so it doesn't look that sparse anymore. I don't like retouching this brow gel though. I feel like I'm just adding more and more and it makes my brows look more unnatural. Two coats after a freshly applied brow pencil is enough for me. No more retouching of brow gel during the work hours. I'd rather retouch with an eyebrow pencil. 

Does what it's supposed to do. Quick fix. Not really sweatproof but it does last a long time under humid weather + commute. All in all, still a great buy. I just hope that the spoolie was smaller. It was too big making it quick difficult to apply.

Last but not the least, the Real Techniques setting brush. I've had this before in my Sam's picks collection and I did not like it at all. I used it to set powder before and it was really not ideal. 

Now, I use this for under eye concealer. It's super soft and blends the concealer quite well under my eyes. It would leave streaks of concealer for the more liquidy ones so it's better if you dab it in or buff it in. Works really, really great. It's one of my favorite brushes now. It works great with Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up concealer.

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