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Ever Bilena City Romance Liquid Lipstick Beauty

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Fashion 21 Sushi All Day Matte Lipstick

Fashion 21 All Day Sushi Lipstick

Fashion 21 Sushi All Day Matte Lipstick

Fashion 21 Sushi All Day Matte Lipstick

A drugstore gem.

It's a matte lipstick which isn't super dry, but not moisturizing either. I'd say it's a creamy lipstick without shimmer, frost or shine. It looks very matte. You might have to do a little tugging of the lips when applying it, so use the lipbalm-tissue-matte-lipstick method to apply it more smoothly and evenly. Also, have exfoliated lips because it will cling to dry spots on the lips and you might end up biting it off like I do Lol. 

Full color of the lipstick can be achieved even in one swipe. Yup, it's pigmented. I usually do two swipes with it though. Longevity would be 3 to 4 hours depending on what you eat/drink. It stains a little bit especially when I take all my makeup off.

It's definitely one of my favorite lipsticks. It's super affordable at PHP 175.00. The shade is similar to my favorite mlbb lipstick, but this one's matte and pinker, a little more fun to wear. Great everyday shade.

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  1. I love this too! And thank you Safeguard Derma Sense :)