Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

If you like natural matte eyeshadows, then this one's for you. All eyes on the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Eyeshadow Palette.

First of all, how in the world did I get it? I pre-ordered some stuff from @beautyshopph on Instagram. They sell various brands from the US and also from the UK. I know that Makeup Revolution ships internationally but I thought I'd get it through a trusted seller in the country. I didn't want to be shocked if ever I'd be served with taxes in the post office. International shipment time takes about a month but when I ordered from @beautyshopph, it came in two weeks.

This is the Essential Mattes 1. I know there's already an Essential Mattes 2 but I picked this up because I know I'll be using these kinds of shades more. Hola to my au naturale matte lovers here haha. I know that the only shades I won't be using much would be the black and the blue shades.

The palette comes in a black plastic packaging, a sponge applicator and 12 matte eyeshadows with 14 grams of product. The packaging is obviously clear so no, don't expect a mirror. The packaging has a close-feel and clicks when you open it and close it. If you travel a lot, you might want to depot this into a Z-palette. I don't know. I just have a feeling that the clear side will break??? But if you just do your makeup at home, no need. You're all good. 

Ingredients are also shown at the back and yes, I did forget to take a photo of it. I apologize for that haha. If you do want to know, just DM me a message @makeupinmanila or leave a comment here with your email/ig username and I'll just send it over to you.

As for the eyeshadows, you can refer to the swatches above. I honestly think they're pretty great considering they're matte eyeshadows. I've tried a couple of drugstore eyeshadows and so far, the only matte palette that I didn't get rid of was this. They're pretty pigmented and longevity is #goals. 

I've only played with the lighter colors of the palette. The first five eyeshadows from the left look quite similar on the lids without primer. I really love the yellow shade though. It kind of makes my eyes look less tired when I put it all over the lid. I also use the first shade for the brow bone and inner eye area since it's the lightest shade in the palette. It's almost white. Most of the time I use shades 5, 6 or 7 from the left just to create a crease.

Again, I must stress that these shadows are pigmented ESPECIALLY the three darker shares. Like even if you just dab your brush lightly on the black, it will still be a lot. The eyeshadow's longevity is really amazing too with or without using a primer. It will last a whole 12 hours. 

For the formula, the shadows aren't actually creamy. I'd describe them as smooth. Do expect a lot of fallout BUT hey, they blend well! Huh?? I don't know how to explain this. Okay, so when I'm picking up the product with my brush, I noticed that it has a LOT of fallout so what I do is I tap the brush before I apply it to my lids. The shadows apply smooth. No tugging needed. Blending them is super easy too. 

They aren't comparable to Wet N Wild eyeshadows which I would describe as very pigmented and creamy (WnW are like Urban Decay's eyeshadows). And they also aren't comparable to my NYX matte ones which applies quite smooth. It's also better than BYS and BH Cosmetics. I have a few other brands of eyeshadows but I'd probably compare it to NYX. My verdict is it's smoother and a little creamier than NYX.

Is it a great eyeshadow palette? Hell yes, I love it. It's my best matte palette ever. Would I purchase more? Haha. Girl, I'm not much of an eyeshadow user but I'd say YES haha. Note that the Iconic eyeshadows are UD Naked dupes and honestly they just have a wide selection. Considering the drugstore price, get it! Get a lot if you can. I love the matte formula even if it has fallout. I can't imagine how good their shimmer shadows are. Easy to use. Practical colors for everyday wear and work. Just pure goodness.


  1. The light shades are pretty close to each other in shade. I would think they would also look almost identical when used on the lids.

    1. They look identical except for the yellow shade. idk. iba ung dating eh :)