Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush Review

Currently in love with this big brush from @sissyshoppe. 

For the bristles, they're super fluffy! This is probably the biggest brush I've ever owned when it comes to the head. I thought only powder brushes had to be huge, but I guess bronzer brushes want to be plump too? lol. The bristles are all equal sized and there's no strands standing out here.

So, I told you it was fluffy. It's super dense and very soft too.

The brush is very soft. I actually don't use it as a brush for bronzing. Instead, I use it for my face powders just because it covers a huge area and it's great for people who are almost always late. Big bristled brush = shorter time to powder your face. 

Now, that doesn't mean that it's not good for bronzing. It is. It's actually great. The bristles are so dense that it packs on a lot of product so you have to be careful and have a light hand when applying bronzer or even blush.

When I first washed it, I was so scared that there might be shedding. But nope, there was none. C'mon, even my Real Techniques brushes shed-ed a little. But for this brush, nada, none, nope, zero. Second wash and it's still the same. I cleaned it with a soap bar and my Brush Egg and I thought that it would be too big for the brush egg but nope, it held up pretty good. It wasn't hard for me at all to clean it. It was like a chow-chow dog getting a bath. haha.

All in all, it's a really good brush. It packs a lot of product. It's not hard to clean even when I'm using a tiny brush egg. It didn't shed on me. The big handle isn't a hassle to hold. Uhm. It's just such a good and practical brush. Again, it makes my getting-ready-time shorter because it covers a lot of space in the face. I buff it here, there, et voila, done.

The only con that I can think of would be the width. Okay, so the brush is plump. It's thick and it's shorter than most brushes I own. I wouldn't recommend taking this with you while travelling or even just putting it your makeup kit. It's too bulky. So, I know there's a smaller version of this brush for travelling so kudos to them for figuring that out. Lol. But as for me, I'd rather have it in my vanity and use another brush for my makeup kit. But that's just me :)

For more information, you can reach out to @sissyshoppe on Instagram!

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