EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Review and Swatches

Introducing the ultimate lip color to look out for, the new EB Advance Supreme Lipstick. Drench your kissers in the rich and on-trend shades of this lipstick named after famous beauty icons and unique colors. The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick comes in 6 matte and 6 creme shades infused with ingredients that conditions the lips, keeping it light but still luscious-looking over your lips. A swipe of this is enough to make heads turn and create impact at a glance.

EB Advance is the answer to the on-trend Filipinas' makeup demand for that sophisticated look. EB Advance offers products of great quality for the face, eyes, and lips that are designed to suit the Filipina skin type and color. These products are infused with Vitamin-E, sunscreen protection, and moisturizing ingredients that conditions the skin and takes your look to a whole new level.

Such pretty white bullets right? If this isn't "on-trend" for you, then you must be living under a rock. Each lipstick tube retails for PHP 195 and is available at all leading Ever Bilena stalls. 

These lipsticks come in a creme formula and a matte one. The two bullets on the left are the mattes.

Summer Berry (Matte)

Summer Berry is a red-pink matte shade that's super pretty and is on the top of 10 of my favorite lipsticks ever. There's a specific kind of red lipstick that I'm looking for nowadays and Summer Berry hit spot on. I just feel like this kind of red-pink shade complements my skin tone and actually looks good on everyone no matter what skin tone you have. This is perfect for date nights!

Twiggy (Creme)

Spotted! Another MLBB lipstick. Color is nude-pink and is great for everyday wear especially when you're completing a look that needs a softer lip color or when you just don't know what lipstick to wear. This is a great "first lipstick" especially when you're just new to the world of makeup. And it's perfect for indecisive people. If you don't know what color to wear that day then just go with Twiggy. It goes with everything!

Pink Punch (Matte)

Ohh a candy colored lipstick! #drooling. This is one of the most exciting shades I've seen from this brand. Game changer. It's a hot pink that's actually very wearable. At first I thought "oh gosh is this going to look neon on me?" but it didn't. It actually warmed up to my skin and instead of me thinking "bubble gum pink" which has a bluish hue, it became hot pink. It's definitely for the warmer skin tones. I may not be that confident in wearing pink lipstick since I love dark lipsticks and purples, but I can definitely see a lot of people wearing this shade and turning heads with this lipstick.

Jackie-O (Creme)

A my lips but mauver lipstick. This is one of those colors that anyone can wear. I wouldn't consider this an MLBB shade (because for me, Twiggy is the MLBB) but this is like a my lips but mauver/pinker shade. If you think that MLBB colors are boring but you're still opting for a natural look, then you might want to get this shade instead. It's a "safe" color and also great for everyday wear whether it be for the office, school or just going out.

Venus (Creme)

A pinkish-red shade that's very wearable and definitely suits olive skin tone like mine. I would say it's color pink but when my guy office mates saw me in broad daylight, they said I'm wearing red lipstick. I contested and said it's pink but they still said it's red so.... that's why I'm calling it pinkish-red. It's kind of similar to Summer Berry but SB is matte and more red while Venus has a creme finish and more pink. They're very much like sisters. I'm not much of a pink lipstick girl but I've been wearing Venus for quite a few times now. I like it how people get confused by what color of lipstick I have. 

Elizabeth (Creme)

Elizabeth is what I would consider a true red lipstick. A very classic color of red. Easy to wear and wearable day to night. I feel like this is definitely an office-meeting-type lipstick. I'd say for the students and younger lads to just wear Summer Berry if you want red. This is definitely a shade for looking "glam" like all dolled up and giving a "power look" peg. I guess it's on spot with the shade name, Elizabeth. Wear this and feel like a queen right? :)

EB Advance Pink Punch, Elizabeth, Twiggy, Summer Berry, Jackie O, Venus

EB Advance Pink Punch, Elizabeth, Twiggy, Summer Berry, Jackie O, Venus

Gorgeous very wearable colors. When EB Advance said "designed to suit the Filipina skin type and color" they weren't kidding. Yes, it's really intended for warmer skin colors but I can also see people with lighter skin rocking these colors especially the pink and more "fun" ones.

This brand offers two different finishes, a creme one and a matte one. For the cremes, 2 to 3 hours wear time with in-between eating. For the mattes I'd say 3-4 hours with in-between eating. 

As expected, the creme shades tend to fade faster because of its moisturizing properties but fading is not a big deal. It faded quite "gracefully" and it didn't look like you only lined your lips with lipstick. For the mattes, I had a different experience. One time I was eating a full meal and the lipstick color stayed perfectly after the meal. But another time while I was in Starbucks (probably eating a lot of whipped cream) I noticed that after eating, I only had lipstick on the edges. I guess it depends on the food? lol. But for a good 9 hour shift at work, reapplication is only probably 2 to 3 times.

Application & Formula
SMOOTH. Cremes are super smooth and it feels like they're just gliding on your lips. They're very easy to apply. The mattes are pretty okay. They're not as dry as other matte lipsticks I've tried. Actually, both the cremes and the mattes are very moisturizing to the lips. No need to tug the lips hard when applying. It also has a slight scent that's quite sweet and not bothering at all. Full color for 2-3 swipes depending on the color.

Amazing. Everything you need to know is in the box. Super sleek design. And my favorite, two words, CLOSE-FEEL. It has a close-feel everybody!! Yes. The cap actually clicks when you put it back on. Sigh, probably the most secure thing you'll hear when you put your lipstick back in your bag. Packaging is super pretty and very practical. It's not super light and not that heavy. Other makeup items can make the bullet dirty but just one swipe with a tissue and voila, it's gone. It's back to being a pretty white bullet again.

Probably my best tip for wearing these lipsticks is 2-3 swipes to achieve full color. For a longer wear time without using lip liners, apply the lipstick, blot the lips with tissue, apply lipstick again, blot the lips with tissue again for the second time and you're done. It's a quick step to make your creme lipsticks look matte or even just make your matte lipsticks last longer on your lips. Reapplication is quite difficult since I always have chappy lips, so another tip would be to just remove the color first and reapply the shade.


  1. MAAAAAAAAAJ! I've been waiting for this post all week and it's finally out! ♥ I've been eyeing 'Twiggy' and 'Jackie-O' for quite some time now - swatched them during the several times I've been in a mall this week - and you've sealed the deal. But now I think I want more. :( Hahahaha :)))

    1. ano? you got twiggy na? haha. when i'm too lazy to choose i use twiggy but when i'm feeling safe, i use jackie-o. pero promise, venus talaga made me wear pink! haha

  2. Maj! I want them all hahah soooooo beautiful! wooow . do they ship to usa?

    1. i'm not sure if they ship to the us haha. i just tagged you on the inquiry in ig haha

  3. Twiggy!.. I have morena skin and it is very hard to find the right shade I envy you hope I can also collect the shades..:(

    1. i'll try to post a my-lips-but-better collection ng lipstick shades ko so you can see what's similar and it might look great on you :)

  4. I like twiggy out of all shades. A lot of the colors look very very similar to one another. Also, I've held the tube at a Watson's, and they look nice but still feel a tiny bit flimsy you know? As if the plastic itself is cheaply made

    1. yup i know what you're saying. the cap is a little "thin" but i've dropped it so many times na. hasn't cracked YET. :P jackie-o and venus looks similar in my swatch but they're not the same. i hope they come out with other finishes?? or more daring colors? i already like the packaging of this one compared to the matte lipsticks. i really like the close click eh.

  5. Ate, yung matte ba as in matte talaga na hindi glossy unlike the once matte sa EB? Please notice, thanks! :">

    1. hi, nope it's not shiny at all. the mattes here are more pigmented and drier when applied/not shiny compared to the previous EB matte :P