4 June 2015

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

Hello skin care buddies! Sorry if it took me a long time to review this product. Of course I had to try it for a month or so and make sure that I gave it a lot of time "to take effect." 

I changed my base makeup and it kind of broke me out. I also thought the cleanser I was using before was too harsh. Long story short, I decided to switch. 

Why did I choose organic? I pretty much tried everything when it comes to facial washes from the super mild white creamy stuff to the ones with beads and foam cleansers to those orange clear gel cleansers. I've ran out of choices. I decided to go organic.

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

This is my first organic skin care product. I'm sure I've used a lot of organic stuff before, but this is like my legit first. I really didn't know what to expect. All I know is they use all-natural materials in making it and that they don't test on animals. Sorry. It's kind of hard to make an intro especially when the product's label is blurred. 

Yes, you read it right! The label is blurred. The ingredients are blurred. As my friend who's very fond or organic skincare says, it's the norm. Normally, organic products don't have a how-to-use-it or what's-it-made-of, who-is-this-best-for, what-effects-will-you-see or those kinds of things that you'd see in a drugstore label. So, take note that packaging is kind of "mehhhh" and if you're allergic to certain ingredients, better to google the product first before buying it. Because when you're already at the store, no, they don't have an answer for you.

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

The thing that's not "meh" about the packaging is that it comes in a pump and when you press the pump, it becomes a foam. I'm not excited about it turning into foam though. For me, it kind of wastes the product. Because instead of seeing how much product you have in your hands, you have airy foam. I did have to use more of the product just because I felt like it wasn't enough.

I bought it from Sesou Nature Source. The price was PHP 250, a little like $5 or $6 and by the way, the expiration date is printed too. But you know those labels... it washes off haha. The expiry was dated 2017 though. 

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

Be Organic Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash

I'm not happy with this product. 

1) Purging will take you forever. It's been a month and I had more acne than I ever had when I was using my old cleanser. No, my acne isn't because of my new foundation. It seems that my new foundation have already adapted to my skin before I started using this cleanser.

2) When you first use it, there's a tightening feeling in your skin but that's good for the first wash only. I did notice that my skin looked brighter or healthier BUT so did my new army of acne.

3) Airy-foam isn't my type. I just feel like I waste product because of this method. Plus it's kind of pricy for a product that's not popular and just going to turn to air lol. If I add another PHP 100 or $2 I'll actually get to buy a decent cleanser that's already made its name in the market.

4) It's super mild to the point that I feel like it doesn't remove anything.

5) This is not for acne prone skin or even sensitive skin. The first thing I did when I got to the counter was ask the sales assistant where are your acne facial products and she pointed me to a couple of soaps and this Argan oil face wash. Me, being curious at the time thinking okay, if I'm going to try something new, might as well try Argan oil right? Argan oil is considered as nature's gold and as I read, good for skin problems. Well, if Argan oil is gold then I'm pretty sure gold isn't for me. 

I recommend this to people who want to have a "brighter" looking face or maybe for those who want to try products for anti-aging. It's just something I noticed okay? I kind of looked younger while using it. I think this would be suitable for people who want a moisturizing feel after washing their face and those who just want a mild cleanser.

I don't recommend this to people who are acne prone, people who have sensitive skin, people who don't want skin purging issues. This is not for people who want to see effects right away. If you want the squeaky clean feeling of facial washes, this is not for you. This product is rather moisturizing. This is not for you if you're on a budget. It's kind of pricy for something that's not tested and well-known. It made me break out more than ever. Of course it varies per skin but again, emphasis on not for acne-prone.

Overall, not satisfied with this product. Sometimes products aren't just compatible with you. If you do find a product that's compatible for your acne, I recommend you to stick with it! As for me, my all-time favorite cleanser got discontinued and I'm still on the hunt.


  1. I feel like madami sa mga organic products could be bad for acneic skin. Well ganun din naman sa 'regular' products.

    Pero most kasi nang organic ones, they have to substitute preservatives so dumadami yung ingredients. Mahirap mapinpoint which one is irritating is.

    One month of purging is too long for a cleanser, and you don't even leave it on. So baka irritation sya.

    Hope your skin gets better.

    1. haha malapit ko ng sukuan ang organic products. i'm going to write another review right now about a well known organic brand here in the country. wala. my skin got worse and i'll actually show photos :( i think i'll just go back to maxipeel. always worked for me so i hope it does wonders again when i go back