Brush Egg Review

It's been a long time about a post on makeup brush cleaners and today's the day for this baby.
I saw this Brush Egg about a year ago or maybe some time 2013 online and yes, it's finally here in the Philippines! I got mine from Suesh for I think PHP 150 or less? I can't remember because I think I got this a month or two months ago. They might have already hiked the prices. Oh, you know. I gotta test it out before I pour my conclusions about it right? So here it goes...

It comes in different colors, I saw a baby pink one and this mint green one. Well of course I bought the mint green one. If you've been following me for a long time, you probably saw all my stuff that's in mint green from mugs to wallets to mirrors to bags to nail polishes. No, I'm not obsessed haha.

The Brush Egg has two parts or two edges? two bristles? I'm really not sure what it's called. But I assume that the part with the smaller bristles are for smaller brushes like your eye brushes or for your spoolies. I really love it for cleaning my eye brow spoolie. Thumbs up. It does a great job of getting all the gunk out.

All in, I think it's a pretty good catch. I like the colors, it's very fun and girly. I like that it's small because you can bring it while you're travelling or storage is not really an issue. I like that it has two kinds of bristles/edges for your bigger and smaller makeup brushes. I love that it's super cheap and you can buy tons of it or give it as a gift to your makeup buddies. I also like that the Brush Egg itself is easy to clean.

One thing though is that if you have a bigger brush or a more fluffier brush, I'm sorry but it will be quite hard to clean because of the Brush Egg's size. Like my blush brush, I found it quite difficult to clean it with the Brush Egg because I just can't swirl it out. But for foundation brushes, and eye brushes, not to worry, you're good to go. Hmm. What else? The Brush Egg isn't flat and I can't just lie it flat on the table or surface and swirl my brushes in it. You have to really hold it. Not a big deal but for lazy people like me, it's something to think about. Haha. 

Still a good buy, love that it does its job (of course it also depends on your makeup brush cleanser) but yeah. Definitely recommend and would buy this again in the future.

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