11 April 2015

Sigma F80 Dupe

For me, makeup brushes are an investment. They're the tools that you use to apply your blush, concealer, powder and just about everything in between. 

So now, let's talk about a very famous brush with a cult following, the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush. It's very hard to find here in the country and mostly, you can only buy the original online and have it shipped it internationally. You can also find a reseller and have it shipped locally, but again it's online.

Now for the dupes, first up is the Sigma F80 replica from the instagram online shop called @sissyshoppe. Looks almost exactly the same as the real Sigma F80 but I think the real one offers a more rounded handle? Just a thought. Other than that, the feels are exactly the same. It looks somewhat like the real one and feels like the real one. Application is a dream too. It's super easy to blend foundation or buff concealer. Performance as a foundation brush, I would say it does a great job.

Now for the second dupe, this the Tmart flat kabuki brush from Tmart ships all over the world and offers free shipping. I've ordered about four times from them and I'm happy to say that I have not experienced bad service. Every product came in about a month's time. For the instance where I didn't receive my package, they refunded me asap without a problem.

This brush is more dense than the original Sigma F80 and it is also shorter. It is pretty soft but I find that the original F80 and the F80 dupe from @sissyshoppe is softer. I've had this for almost a year and somehow I find that the handle is becoming lose. The glue in the handle seems to be wearing off at the moment. Performance-wise for blending in foundation, it does a good job too compared to the real Sigma F80. 

I've washed this brush so many times and fallout seems to be only in the first few watches. Minimal fallout really, about 2 to 3 strands.

Now, let's compare the two. I don't have the real Sigma F80 because it's in brush heaven so here's the two...

The replica looks more like the F80 and handle is longer. Tmart is much more travel friendly because it can fit into any smaller makeup bag. Sad to say the tmart brush's handle is soon to say goodbye to me since the glue is wearing off.

Tmart brush is more dense but feels a little heavy when used in application while the replica F80 offers a lighter feeling. Performance-wise with foundation, buffing is easier with the replica but overall, they're both good for foundations and applies even coverage.

Fallout-wise, tmart wins this with just 2-3 strands falling out. 

Overall, both are good dupes but I prefer the F80 from @sissyshoppe just because it feels lighter on the face, blending foundation is easier, and just the overall feel and look after I applied makeup. Both are also under $5. 

If you live abroad, go check this brush out from Free shipping is such a good deal already.

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