Ever Bilena Blush in Raisin, Honest and Earth Review and Swatches

If you've been with me for a while, then you already know that I have a ton of blushes, I love mixing shades and that staying power is important for my oily skin.

The blush comes in a black box, black packaging, mirror and a brush inside. 


This is the first blush and the first shade that I got from Ever Bilena. Super love it!

Now, as for the product, it's so soft and SUPER pigmented. It's not powdery at all like what I was expecting when I saw the color. It's a great blush and I know some people use this as a bronzer. I love that I can use it everyday whether I want a sun-kissed-glowy look or just when I don't know what blush to use. I think this shade goes along with ever color of lipstick. It has fine shimmers and staying power is awesome. It actually lasts a 9 hour work day. Faded at the end of the day but it's still there and just need a little touch-up.

MAC dupe: Margin


Perfect everyday blush. 

I was actually hesitant about this color. I thought it was too light for me in the pan but when I applied it with a blush brush, it was just a pretty pink pinched color for days where you don't want to look like you have blush on. Matte and looks au naturale. 

Now, it's not as pigmented and buttery as EARTH, but it is buildable and the color is just perfect for light/medium and olive skin tones. Staying power, not super great on oily skin. Tended to fade after three hours and when I re-applied it at hour five, it didn't look as great as when I first applied it in the morning. I'm not sure what happened, but be sure to blot your face with oil control sheets or tissue to absorb oil before re-applying this blush. 

Still love it and used it for five days straight in a week. If you're not fan of matte blushes, just add a shimmery pink blush for a glowy finish.

MAC dupe: Well Dressed


Anyone ready for summer? Because this blush definitely is.

Formula, pretty much the same with EARTH. Super soft and pigmented. Tap off your brush before applying the shade on your cheeks because this blush does not kid around. 

If you're more into orange-y colors of blush, then definitely pick this up. I think this looks super good on darker skin tones because the color would really pop out on you. As for medium olive skin tones like me, the color can be quite intimidating since we're already on the yellow side but just swirl a little on the pan, tap, tap, tap and apply on the cheeks and we're done for the day. Staying power, great for oily skin and it can last the whole day.

MAC dupe: Ripe Peach 

Ever Bilena Raisin, Earth, and Honest

Packaging wise, love the mirror and brush concept but it isn't as sturdy as my other blushes. When I opened one blush, the screw on the pan was super loose. Good thing it's holding up for almost a month now with all the abuse that my bag handles. Locally and widely available. Did not break my skin out. Oil control is good. Wide color selection for various skin tones. 4g is a lot for product and would last a few years. Definitely a great buy. Totally recommend. 


  1. Raisin looks nice and so does Honest. Actually all shades look super good. I just don't like that the packaging's not as study. :/

    From Manila with Love

    1. ahhh yes earth and raisin are what i'm reaching for right now. yeah. when i opened one blush i thought the screw was gone. but it was just loose but anyway, still holding up though. let me know other shades you've tried. looking for new blushes ako now :D